Two Methods: How To Charge your EVO II Batteries?

Video: How to charge the batteries

How To Charge your EVO II Batteries?

The battery must only be charged using designated chargers and EVO 2 charging hub.

Do not leave the battery unattended while charging and keep away from flammable and explosive materials.

There are two ways to charging your EVO II Battery.

Methods 1| Charge EVO II Batteries by Standard Charger

  • Remove the battery of the aircraft and connect the battery and charger
  • The battery indicator light will flash and display the current battery level while charging
  • The battery indicator light will stop flashing when it is fully charged
  • Please remove from the charger when charging is complete

Methods 2| Charge EVO II Batteries by EVO II Charging Hub

  • Connect the charger and charging hub, you can press the top button to switch the charging mode.
  • When the light flashes blue this indicates the parallel charging mode is selected, and the charging hub will charge beginning with the lowest level battery when the battery level reaches the level of the next battery, parallel charging is started
  • When the light flashes green this indicates sequential charging and one battery is charged at a time, the charging hub will start charging the battery with the highest battery level.

The solid blue or green light indicates the batteries are fully charged.