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Tips and Tricks On Drone Troubleshooting

As an avid fan of drones, in the past few years I have been flying drones, I have encountered some drone driving problems more or less. As a high-tech product, drones need to be maintained regularly to drive your drones correctly and safely. We need to master basic knowledge of drone troubleshooting.

1. My Drone Tries to Flip or Flip When Powered On

This problem can occur for a number of reasons. Check that you have calibrated the ESC. Is your propeller balanced? Did you configure the radio correctly? Are your drone's sensors working properly? Did you check all the wire connections? Have you calibrated the drone frame? Did you add the wrong propeller to the wrong motor?

2. My Motor Spins but The Drone Doesn't Fly

This usually happens because of battery issues and the propellers or motors are all installed upside down. Don't worry, correct the problem and take off normally.

3. Drone Yaw When I Pitch or Roll

There may be several reasons for this. For brushless AC motors, you will need to swap any two of the three wires going to the ESC. This will change the direction of rotation of the motor. For BLDC motors, you need to check that the propellers are installed correctly, as BLDC motors will not move in the wrong direction unless they are connected incorrectly. Also, check that the drone's boom is not twisted. If there are no hardware issues, calibrating the compass and magnetometer will also help.

4. Facing GPS Loss

This happens because of poor GPS signal. There is one thing you can do before launching the drone. You will need to find a location with a strong GPS signal to set it up to return home or to transmit if radio communication is lost. Before flying the drone, you can disarm the drone for a few minutes with a strong GPS signal.

5. Display Radio System Failure

To solve this problem, we can use a radio amplifier. Signal strength can be increased by using a radio amplifier. When there is a small block between the drone and the receiver, you may experience radio glitches.

6. My Drone's Battery Life is Too Short

Generally speaking, the battery life of the drone is about 20 minutes, and the Autel EVO drone has achieved the ultimate. The miniature mini folding EVO Nano drone can support 28 minutes of battery life. When the drone is not used, it should be Batteries are stored in a room temperature, low humidity environment. Heat and humidity can cause batteries to damage the chemical elements inside the cells. This will result in shorter battery life. For Li-polymer batteries, I recommend a balanced charger.

7. Use Logs to Diagnose Drone Problems

Maybe in the process of flying the drone, we encountered some unexpected events, which caused the drone to fall and crash rapidly. For such an event, please contact our operator technical support. We use telemetry technology to connect the drone Communicate with our Mission Planner. So, after the flight, we can analyze the telemetry logs.

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