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How to Setup Autel Live Deck?

The Autel Live Deck is a video output accessory for use with EVO and EVO II series drones.

LIVE DECK VIDEO Setup Tutorial

  • Before you start make sure your antennas are firmly connected to the live deck unit.
  • The SMA connectors on the live deck allow you to mount other types and better antennas if needed but for this test, we’re going with the default antennas.
  • The default wifi antennas will give you the same range on the live deck as you get with the antennas on the Evo’s remote control which is about 4.3 mile (7 kilometres) Obviously, by changing the antennas to more professional antennas you’ll get better reception and a longer range between the drone and the live deck since the live deck is not communicating with the remote controller but the actual drone this could be something to consider. Ideal you’ll install the live deck in a vehicle.
  • On the front of the live deck, you’ll find the power button and the “match” (pairing) Led button which you’re going to need to pair the live deck with your drone.
  • Next to that, you’ll find an HDMI port that can be used together with an external monitor through an HDMI cable. Make sure that you are not using long cables. 50 feet (15 meters) is generally considered the maximum reliable length but it’s rare to see an HDMI cable longer than 25 feet (7,5 meters) in a store and we recommend it as short as possible.
  • Next to the HDMI port, you’ll find a USB-A port which is used together with mobile devices (tablet or phone running the Evo Explorer App) and then the ethernet port which is used to connect a pc (mac, windows)
  • The MicroUSB is used to charge the live deck. The unit comes with a 5.000 Milliamp battery which will give approximately 4 hours runtime. You can also plug a MicroUSB cable and use that as a fixed power supply.
  • The live deck allows you to run all three video sources (USB to tablet/phone, HDMI to monitor and Ethernet to PC output) at the same time enabling you to get the feed to multiple people at the same time.
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