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How to Pairing Remote Controller to EVO Drone?

Video: Pairing the Remote Controller to EVO

Your EVO aircraft and the remote controller will be paired at the factory.

However, if you change EVO aircraft or remote controller or activate the remote controller pairing button, you will need to pair the remote controller to the aircraft again.

Then How to Pairing the Remote Controller to EVO?

You can determine if the EVO aircraft is disconnected from the remote controller by powering up your remote controller and aircraft.

If the OLEDs screen reads connecting and the rear LED indicators are constantly flashing a quick yellow these are signs that indicate that the remote controller needs to be paired to the aircraft.

  • To begin the pairing process, power down the remote controller on the rear of the aircraft.
  • Open the protective cover located under the rear IR sensor, press the pairing button. The button will now flash green quickly indicating the aircraft is now ready for pairing.
  • Now on the remote controller simultaneously press the go home button and power until the controller beeps.
  • The controller will power up and the OLED screen will change from connecting to the flight information panel, at this point, the rear LED indicators on the aircraft have changed to flashing green. Your remote controller is now paired and ready for flight.
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