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How To Keep Your Drone From Crashing

As the application of drones becomes more and more widespread, the safety issues between drones, other aircraft, and ground facilities become more and more prominent. Loss of control or improper operation of the drone may result in a crash, causing casualties and property damage. Therefore, how to prevent drones from crashing is a very important topic.

Are there any anti-collision drones for sale?

Once the drone is out of control, the most vulnerable parts include the gimbal camera, propeller blades, battery flying out, fuselage damage and so on. Therefore, anti-collision drones are necessary. But the reality is that not every drone is built to be crashworthy.

For a longer flight time, the UAV drones will reduce the weight of the drones body accordingly. That is to say, the fuselage casing of the drone is usually made of light and thin materials, such as plastic casings. Therefore, most drones are not crashworthy.

Autel Lite+ obstacle Avoidance

Introduction to Autel droneObstacle Avoidance System

Autel EVO Nano series: Three-way obstacle avoidance, the body has 6 obstacle avoidance sensors, which sense obstacles in the front, rear and bottom respectively.

Autel EVO Lite series: three-way obstacle avoidance, the fuselage has 6 obstacle avoidance sensors, which can sense obstacles in the front, rear, and bottom respectively. The drone's visual sensor can reach a large field of view of 150°, and perceive more everything around it .

Autel EVO II series: All-round obstacle avoidance system to achieve 360° obstacle avoidance, equipped with 19 sets of sensors, including 12 vision sensors, main camera, ultrasonic and IMU, which can build 3D maps and plan paths in real time.

Autel EVO MAX 4T: Omni-directional obstacle avoidance system, realizes 720° obstacle avoidance, uses binocular vision sensing system with millimeter-wave radar technology, and can detect objects as small as 0.5 inches. Among them, the binocular vision sensor adopts a fisheye lens, which further expands the obstacle avoidance detection range of the UAV drones.

How to reduce the possibility of drone crash?

1. The performance of the drone itself: whether it is stable in flight, whether it has an obstacle avoidance sensor

2. The environment in which the drone flies: whether it is susceptible to interference from GPS signals

3. Drone pilot: whether to check the UAV drone regularly, whether to pay attention to observe the take-off environment, whether there is UAV drone driving experience, etc.

Drones are undoubtedly one of the high-performance electronic devices, and taking precautions is an effective way to prevent your drone from crashing.

 Drone Crash Picture Display

nano+ propeller injured nano+ hurts at the bottomNano+ fuselage damaged nano+ bottom damaged

Ways to effectively prevent drone crashes:

Regular maintenance and inspections: Before flying, check that the drone's batteries and other parts are in good condition, and make sure the drone is functioning properly. Drones should be charged and maintained regularly before flying.

Safety check before flight: Before taking off, make sure the area around the aircraft is clear of people and obstacles. For commercial flying, aviation safety standards and regulations must be followed, and necessary permits and licenses must be obtained.

Operators need to receive training: Operators need to receive training on the operation of drones, and be familiar with the control methods and flying skills of drones. Pilots are expected to follow aviation regulations and best practices, such as flying at night, etc., to ensure safe flying.

Equipment backup: Spare drones and spare parts should be on hand in case the drone fails or is involved in an accident.

Use anti-collision technology: New drones can use anti-collision technology to predict and avoid collisions with other aircraft or objects. This technology can detect and avoid collisions by using sensors and cameras.

In conclusion, preventing drones from crashing is very important. In order to ensure the safe flight of drones, regular maintenance and inspections are required, operators are trained, aviation regulations and best practices are followed, spare dronesand spare parts should be prepared, and at the same time, the use of anti-collision technology can improve the safety of drones. Human-machine safety. Only in this way can drones be used in various fields more safely.

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