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How Do I Install The EVO II Propeller Guard?

As one of the important accessories of the drone, the propeller guard can effectively protect the drone's wings from damage and increase its resistance to wind. It is necessary to install the drone propeller protective cover correctly, otherwise, the propeller protective cover detached from the drone will also cause damage to the drone. Here we will describe how to properly install the Autel EVO II propeller guard.

Note: EVO II Drones Propeller Guards are designed to work with EVO II Series drones only including EVO II, EVO II Pro, EVO II Dual.

How to install the Evo 2 propeller guard?

Install EVO II Propeller Guards

First we take out the four propeller shroud parts

Determine the position of the drone propeller shield, front left, rear left, right front and right rear

Each individual propeller guard will have a marking FL, FR, RL, RR.

When installing the propeller guard, the side with the font marking faces up

Slips onto the four landing legs of the Drone EVO II and locks them in place with the latches

The drones propeller shields in the same direction can be connected in pairs to form a stable

The above is a text introduction about the installation method of the Autel EVO II drone propeller

You can also click to view the video introduction of the installation method of the Autel EVO II drone propeller

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