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HDMI Output Not Working For Your Drone Video | Troubleshooting

When you are flying the drone, the real-time picture of the drone will be displayed on the drone remote control with screen. When you want to watch on your own monitor or share it with others, connect the HDMI cable to see a better flight. So, what should I do when the HDMI output doesn't work?

Here, we provide you with HDMI output not working for your drone video output troubleshooting solutions to help you perform better flight demonstrations.

Why do you need HDMI to output drone video?

The HDMI output can be connected to a secondary monitor for presentations, or used in conjunction with a higher brightness monitor when flying in direct sunlight.

The Autel smart remote control is equipped with an HDMI output interface, which can be connected to a computer or other monitors. Autel Live Deck 2 can also transmit Autel drone video to multiple terminal devices to share with more commanders.

Autel smart remote control hdmi output

How to use the HDMI output live video?

If you need to live stream video from your drone, please prepare the Autel Live Deck 2 and monitor.

With the aircraft on and paired to live deck, connect live deck and display device with HDMI cable.

Select the appropriate HDMI input on display device, and the live drone video will be displayed.

Autel Live Deck2 HDMI output

Note: Autel Live Deck 2 is only suitable for Autel EVO II V3 series.

What should I do if my HDMI port has stopped working?

Drone video HDMI output brings better presentation effect. It is frustrating when HDMI not working, please check the following reasons:

1) If your HDMI port has a cable plugged in but nothing happens

You're currently not seeing an image or hearing any sound? The problem may lie with the HDMI port hardware device.

  • Drone firmware not updated
  • Cable wires do not match
  • A black screen or a "No input" message appears.
  • The screen is pixelated or distorted.
  • Ports are tight or loose.

The above are common reasons why HDMI does not display images. When transmitting drone video, the drone firmware has not been updated, which may also be the cause of HDMI output video failure.

2) If your HDMI is working and is interrupted

Signal interference or loose cables

HDMI output requires a wired connection. Loose HDMI cables may cause unsuccessful video output.

When the image transmission signal between the drone and the remote control is interfered with, the drone video terminal display will also be forced to interrupt and lose the picture.

How to fix HDMI port hardware issues?

1. Check if the cable is plugged in correctly

2. Test different HDMI cables

3. Check the display settings of the drone smart remote control

4. Check whether the drone smart remote control and the HDMI port of the display are damaged.

5. Restart the drone smart remote control and display

6. Update drone and drone smart remote controller firmware

8. Restart the monitor

If you have tried these steps and still need some help, please contact Autel Support or ask us for help.

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