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Intelligent Shooting Mode of Autel EVO II Drone--Gesture Recognition

Autel EVO II series drones provide gesture recognition intelligent shooting mode. If you have some ideas for shooting from unique angles, using gesture recognition can help you complete the shooting.

What is gesture control on a drone?

Gesture mode allows you to control the drone with natural hand movements for shooting without pressing the shutter button. Have Autel EVO II drone users discovered it?

How do I enter gesture recognition smart shooting mode?

Open the special software for Autel EVO II series drones, Autel Explorer App. Find gesture recognition in smart shooting mode. If you turn on the gesture recognition smart shooting mode for the first time, the Autel drone will pop up a novice learning center prompt for you to guide you on how to perform gesture recognition smart shooting.

Gesture Recognition Learning Center 

Step 1: unlock: raise your hands over shoulders for more than 0.5s Lock,

The angle between the arms and the horizontal line is 60-90°

Step 2: Take a photo: Open your hands horizontally and parallel to shoulders for at least 0.5s

The angle between the arms and the horizontal line is -20-20°

Step 3: Recording, stop recording: raise one hand above the shoulder and wave left and right for more than 0.5s

The angle between one hand and the horizontal line is 60°-90

After browsing the novice tips, you can choose not to pop up the prompts and close it, and there will be no further prompts in the next operation.

The Autel drone's gesture recognition smart shooting mode can take photos or videos. If you plan to use the gesture recognition smart shooting mode to take photos, please hold on to your actions for a few seconds to allow some time to unlock the gesture recognition function.

After completing the novice learning mode, the Autel drone will start to recognize the target lock gesture and lock the target, recognize the photo gesture, and start taking photos after 2 seconds.

Please note: The gesture recognition smart shooting function is not commonly used and currently only exists in the old firmware version of the Autel EVO II V2 series. If you updated your Autel Explorer App, you may no longer be able to find it. At the same time, the EVO II V3 series no longer adds gesture recognition smart shooting functions.


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