Autel Robotics EVO Nano Series Drone Remote Controller Calibration

EVO Nano Remote Controller Calibration

If the command stick is abnormal (the remote controller falls on the ground or the flight direction of the aircraft is not consistent with its operation direction), the remote controller is recommended to be calibration. You can calibrate the remote controller by using Autel Sky

Remote Controller Calibration Steps

1. Please turn off the aircraft power supply before operation.

2. Open Autel Sky App, enter the setting interface, click the “control” option, click the“remote controller calibration”, and then click the “start” key.

Autel EVO Nano Remote Controller Calibration

3. Move the left and right command sticks and thumbwheel in turn to their maximum extent in the direction of the arrow on App. When the calibration of a direction is completed, the arrow in the direction will become blue.

Autel EVO Nano Remote Controller Calibration Steps 3