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12 Things Every EVO II Drone Owner to Attention Before Flying

Are you flight EVO II Series Drone first time? And have no idea of what have to attention before flight? Then here come, please follow our 12-step pre-flight checklist to ensure you're ready to fly safely.

Video: EVO II Drones Pre-Flight Checklist

EVO II Series Pre-Flight Checklist

  1. Enter the map view in the Autel Explorer app. Confirm that your intended flight area is NOT in a no-fly zone or restricted airspace. If in restricted airspace, a waiver must be obtained before flight.
  2. Check the weather. Note air temperature and wind speed.
  3. Verify that your flight area is open and unobstructed.
  4. Unfold the arms of the aircraft.
  5. Remove the gimbal cover.
  6. Verify that the propellers are in good condition and are correctly attached.
  7. Verify the camera lens and sensors are clean.
  8. Fully charge the aircraft battery, RC, and mobile device.
  9. Position the RC antennas downwards and facing the drone for the best transmission.
  10. Check the GPS signal bar and wait for the GPS Mode to display before flight.
  11. Verify that the firmware is updated to the latest version.
  12. When taking off, ascend to at least 30ft before moving the aircraft horizontally. This ensures that precision landing is recorded.
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