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Drones Unrestricted by Geofences for Public Safety Missions

With the development of drone technology, commercial drones continue to strengthen close cooperation with federal, state and local public safety agencies. Emergency response drones can greatly improve the work efficiency of these departments and strengthen the ability to deploy combat plans.

All commercial drones are subject to FAA regulations. For drones to better serve the public sector, it is necessary to lift the height and geofence restrictions of most drones so that they can be operated for a long time. Unrestricted drone operations.

Why is Drone Geofence Restriction Unlocking Necessary?

Unlocking the drone service range is mainly to unlock long-term geographical and altitude unlocking permissions, and it can also cover a larger area.

Drones breaking geo-fences can do more good than harm, adding value and enabling first responders to quickly deploy their drones in a variety of missions.

Which entities can apply for this drone unlock?

Government and public safety entities (e.g. fire, search and rescue, coast guard, civil defense, law enforcement, border control, etc.). These are mandatory documents.

Which drones do not have geofencing restrictions?

Autel drone: Autel drone EVO series does not have geo-fence restrictions, but in China (including mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), Japan, Australia and other regions, you need to apply for lifting the ban with Autel Robotics. The documents for lifting the ban and the application for local control should be submitted in Autel Robotics unblocks the page and can take off!

Note: Due to the current misuse of drones and stricter regulation of commercial drones, Autel Drones has now introduced a no-fly zone - updated December 2023.

Autel Drone Unlock Page

Autel Drones No Fly Zone Unlock

Explanation of the no-fly zone

The so-called "no-fly zone" of drones is actually an electronic fence system. For example, in the GEO geofence system of DJI drones, the GEO system can dynamically cover various flight-restricted areas around the world, and users can obtain relevant information in real time. Restricted information, including but not limited to airports, temporary flight-restricted areas due to some emergencies (such as forest fires, large-scale activities, etc.), and some long-term flight-free areas (such as prisons, nuclear plants, etc.).

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