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How does The Drone Work and What are The Main Features of The EVO Lite Drone?

Undoubtedly, drones are one of the most advanced devices in aviation, electronics and robotics today.

What should Drone Beginners Know?

To better understand how drones fly and work, we need to understand some basic information about typical drone construction.

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are made of different lightweight composite materials to improve maneuverability and reduce weight while flying. They can be equipped with a variety of additional equipment, including cameras, GPS-guided missiles, global positioning systems (GPS), navigation systems, sensors, and a variety of other drone software and hardware.

Drones can come in many shapes, sizes and functions. The vast majority of today's models can be manually activated and can be operated using a remote control or from a special ground cockpit. The commercial model is small in size and simple in structure. These drones are even suitable for kids as they are very easy to control.

Commercial Drones Perform Flight Demonstrations

autel evo lite

There are different variations on the frame and structure of drones, but the basic components that every drone must have are the waterproof motor frame, flight and motor controllers, motors, transmitters and receivers, propellers, and batteries or any other energy source.

Most drones are ready to fly after purchase. However, some people prefer to build their own drones using kits, and yes, it is entirely possible for pilots to buy the accessories themselves to DIY your drone.

What makes these unmanned aerial vehicles extraordinary is their great flight and photography capabilities.Autel Drones have super stable flight ability, they can hover in the air and perform different acrobatics. How far you can fly your drone depends on the space you're flying in and your line of sight. For recreational commercial drones, they have short control ranges and can fly for minutes.

Autel Drone Best Selling Model--EVO Lite Drone

Autel Robotics Drone EVO Lite 4K Vertical shot Video Quadcopter Unfold Back Show

A super popular consumer drone, Autel's new EVO Lite weighs only 820 grams, features three-way obstacle avoidance, 6K/30p video, 2.7K/30fps live view transmission range of 7.4 miles and longest 40 minutes of flight time.

4-Axis Gimbal, Innovative Vertical Lens

4-Axis Gimbal for Lite Drones

Experience a new dimension of aerial photography with the Autel Robotics EVO Lite and its 4-axis gimbal. The fourth "axis" occurs within the gimbal, where the widescreen imaging frame can be remotely rotated to a vertical position. Using vertical capture mode, you can capture images and videos suitable for vertical social media platforms for use on mobile devices.

In either mode, the Lite's 50MP camera features a 1/1.28-inch CMOS sensor and RYYB color filter array, allowing you to capture vivid and detailed 4K HDR video and ultra-high-resolution still images, an array capable of capturing up to 40% The image is lighter than standard RGGB.

Subject Tracking Technology for Drones

Subject Tracking Technology for Drones

All of these visual features are combined with fast and intelligent tracking for a truly cinematic look. EVO Lite utilizes PDAF with dual focus algorithm to lock and track fast-moving subjects in milliseconds.

Capturing this video is comfortable and intuitive with the EVO Lite, which includes a gamepad-style controller to use your existing smartphone with the Autel SkyLink and Fly apps.

When you fly, you can see what the drone sees up to 7.4 miles away in 1080p resolution using the dual-band connection.

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