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Automatic RTH Function of Autel EVO II Drone

Autel EVO II series drones are the leading flight platforms launched by Autel Robotics. EVO II Pro and EVO II 640T conquer drone enthusiasts with their outstanding personal charm. EVO II series drones have good flight performance and have the characteristics of stable and long-lasting flight. Here we will talk about the automatic return function of EVO II drones.

What is the automatic return-to-home function?

The automatic return function is an important setting to assist safe flight. It does not require manual operation. The drone usually returns to the starting point by itself when it is disconnected. This starting point is the place where the drone took off for the last time, not the drone driver. s position.

Under what conditions should the automatic return-to-home function be activated?

During the flight, if the drone loses connection with the operator or encounters other dangerous situations, Autel EVO II will automatically perform the return mission. The function uses GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning systems to determine the position and heading of the drone, and ensures safe flight with preset limits.

Is the power of the drone enough to support automatic return?

Autel drone has strict control on the return power. Once the power is below 20%, the drone will send an alarm to remind it to return. The Autel EVO II is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery for up to 40 minutes of flight time to ensure it doesn't run out of charge before flying back to a safe area.

Advantages of drone automatic return

Autel EVO II Drones RTH

The automatic return-to-home function of the EVO 2 drone can be triggered when the aircraft's battery power is low or the communication is lost. This ensures that the drone can safely return to its starting point even in the event of an unexpected interruption. The binocular vision camera and ultrasonic detector at the bottom of EVO 2 can generate a detailed depth map, calculate the flatness and angle of the landing area, and achieve precise and safe landing.

The automatic return function not only facilitates the pilot, but also greatly improves the flight safety. During the flight, if the drone loses connection with the operator or encounters other dangerous situations, it will automatically perform the return mission and land safely after returning to a safe area.

In addition, Autel EVO II also supports users to set the parameters of automatic return, including return altitude, return speed, etc. This allows pilots to adjust according to their own flying experience and flying environment.

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