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Three Minutes Autel Dragonfish Assembly and Connection Tutorial

Autel Dragonfish is one of the greatest aerial vehicles of Autel Robotics. The tilt-rotor design makes it integrate the characteristics of fixed-wing aircraft and multi-rotor drones. It is the best fixed-wing commercial drone with VTOL capabilities.

Today we'll cover the basic setup of the Dragonfish aircraft, starting with base station and aircraft assembly, then connection, then pairing, and finally your pre-flight checklist. The following steps only need one person to complete.

Autel Dragonfish Assembly Video Tutorial

Autel Dragonfish Assembly Text Guide

Step 1: start to assemble Autel Dragonfish

Install the wings:

You'll start by aligning the slots in the wings of the plane with the corresponding pieces on the fuselage, then you'll secure the clips to secure the wings in place.

If you're doing a one person assembly, make sure you grab the fuselage of the plane for balance, just like you want the wings to line up the ports on the tail with the body. Aircraft with tail fins installed Make sure the buttons on the top and bottom of the plane line up with the ends of the wings.

Next we're going to install our wingtip prop motor and you're going to have a wingtip prop with the red mark on it line up with the motor with the red mark on it and line up the bottom of the prop with the slot on the motor and you're going to Rotate clockwise to lock the motor in the other propeller mount the same way but this time you will rotate counterclockwise.

Install the gimbal assembly:

First remove the gimbal cover on the top of the gimbal, align the red dot on the gimbal with the red dot on the base of the gimbal, and rotate to the right to lock it in place.

Install the Dragonfish battery:

The Dragonfish drone has two batteries that keep the drone running, when installing our aircraft battery make sure they snap into place and the two buttons on each side pop out and only wrap around our aircraft battery assembly.

Step 2:  Assemble the base station

The base station needs to be fixed with a tripod. First let's unfold and position our tripod.

Next, we'll take our base station tray, which we'll place on top of the tripod after leveling it.

When placing the antenna, you need to unfold the antenna tray to the position where you are going to fly the aircraft Be sure to hold down the spring ring, now you are going to put the real base station on this bracket and fix it with screws.

Finally, you'll take the coaxial cables and plug them into the back of the base station and the bottom of the antenna.

Step 3: Connect Autel Dragonfish to the base station

After confirming your assembly is complete, power up all the components to connect them.

Once your ground station is connected to the base station, your Wi-Fi light will come on, now that you have everything turned on and connected, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or cellular to activate your aircraft network connection.

Now that we've got everything paired together again, let's go ahead and restart the aircraft base station and ground station.

All of your components should come paired at the factory, and just in case we'll show you how to pair them. In the remote control's drone application, you will start with three different sections to complete the pairing operation.

Part 1, the base station is paired with the base station

Ground Station Go to Connection Settings on the top right of the screen click on the Base Station option on the left, once you find the Dragonfish name for your particular aircraft, click on that option, now by default you will be asked for a passcode which is one two three four five six seven eight.

Once you type hit connect, you should now be paired with the base station to confirm this, you'll see a connected message on the left with a check mark next to your Arowana name.

Part 2, base station paired with Dragonfish aircraft

You'll do this by removing the second battery from the back of the plane and pressing the pair button below when you see the plane is in pairing mode. Go to your base station and press and hold the matching button to the left of the power button, when you release the button you will see the matching light turn on.

The base station is blinking green quickly, and your two components should now be in pairing mode Once the Wi-Fi light comes on, you'll know your base station and your aircraft are successfully paired.

Part 3, ground station paired with Dragonfish aircraft

Before pairing, you'll need to make sure the rear battery is removed and you've pressed the pairing button on the back of the aircraft.

Go to the ground station's settings menu, tap the 5.8 GHz frequency matching option, and press Connect Now. When successfully connected, you will be alerted with a success message.

Step 4: Conduct a pre-check for the drone flight.

We'll start by rotating the wings to make sure it's now spinning quickly, you'll need to remove the top propeller cap by pinching either side and lifting.

Utilizing the provided allen key, tighten all the top prop and side prop screws, then we will remove our gimbal cover and check the rotation of the gimbal itself, move on to check our rtk antenna and finally remove the anemometer cover .

So far, the Arowana assembly and pre-flight tutorial video is over.

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