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How To Mitigate The Potential Threat of Drones?

The continuous growth of the consumer drone market has advantages and disadvantages. The potential threat of drones is not only aviation safety, but also deliberate attacks and privacy theft. How to face these challenges head-on? We'll explain specific counter-drone techniques here, as well as counter-drone jammer instructions.

How Does A Drone Jammer Enable Detection of Intruding Drones?

Drone Jammer
Flying in the skies are drones with great aerial photography or drones with menacing malicious intruders? With the gradual increase in the number of drones, supervision is difficult, and it is easy to be used by criminals. It is inevitable to strengthen supervision and prevention measures.

Black 8KG Hand-held Remote UAV Drone Control Jammers AFA100

Black 8KG Hand-held Remote UAV Drone Control Jammers AFA100
The SkyfendHunter AFA100 is the all-new SkyfendHunter AFA100, one of the widest range and longest-lasting drone jammer blockers available.Remote UAV Drone Control jammers AFA100 is designed in metallic gray, weighs more than 8KG, has a 3.5-inch visual screen, and has multiple buttons on the fuselage. 

What Happens When A Drone is Jammed?

Drone is Jammed
The best way to stop the operation of drones is to block, cut off, block the signal of the drone, and make the drone lose connection with the controller, so that the drone will no longer serve malicious purposes. In some areas, drones are used as spy cameras, noise harassment tools, and even weapons to damage the privacy of others and their property.