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C-UAS Systems

The Future Development Direction Of C-UAS Systems

The large-scale proliferation and misuse of drones is an important risk factor brought about by the rapid development of the drone industry.

Carelessness, ignorance, criminality, and combatant use of drones continue to plague the new drone economy and society. Rogue drone incidents continue to make headlines and illustrate the scope of these new risks.

How do we deal with drone threats?

Initiating counter-drone countermeasures is necessary. While many countries are strictly restricting drone flight policies, they are also stepping up efforts to prevent unregistered drones from interfering and mitigating drone threats.

Military, homeland security agencies, and law enforcement organizations often deploy legacy base air defense countermeasures. They continue to play a role in layered defense strategies but may not be sufficient in today's urban and other sensitive environments.

For detection, radar may show false alarms due to various flying objects such as birds, and optical solutions may not work effectively if the line of sight is not clear. There are also issues with acoustic solutions in noisy environments or quiet drones.

In terms of mitigation, interference-based solutions are only effective for a short period of time and can severely disrupt communications and operations. Physical or kinetic solutions based on some kind of physical firing of projectiles are dangerous in densely populated areas because they carry the risk of collateral damage.

Next-generation counter-drone approaches must reduce risk by controlling threats by safely landing unauthorized drones at predetermined, safe locations. Governments and security agencies are seeking new non-intrusive, non-kinetic solutions that do not require line of sight.

Distinguishing between authorized and unauthorized drones, the ability to operate in autonomous modes, multiple deployment configurations with full operational flexibility, and open APIs for integration with a variety of multi-vendor command and control systems are all important requirements .

Finally, the latest counter-drone systems must be able to counter and overcome the most advanced proprietary drone protocols and serve as countermeasures against the latest long-range drones.

These solutions must be able to quickly divert threatening drones onto safe routes and land them safely in predetermined safe areas. The technology should be effective against swarming. They must be equipped with different antennas to adapt to different environments. Installation must be very quick and easy, with low power requirements and a small form factor.

skyfend tracer portable UAV Detector vital informatio

Skyfend has proposed multiple solutions to today's anti-drone problems. It uses the synergy between multiple anti-drone devices and the combination of software and hardware to fully complete the attack on illegally intruding drones from time to space. Covering all aspects, fully mitigating drone threats from drone monitoring, drone deception, drone interference, etc.

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