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Mitigate Bad Drone Flying

How To Mitigate Bad Drone Flying During Holidays?

With more and more people flying recreational drones, drones can always be found in the sky. Especially during holidays, the number of drones flying in the air is almost 2-3 times that of the past. How to reasonably and effectively regulate these drones and mitigate the threat of drone numbers is a big problem.

It is very easy to buy a drone, and you don’t need to obtain a drone pilot qualification before you can buy one. However, most people do not understand the detailed regulations on drone flying before buying a drone, and they fly illegally without knowing it.

Especially on holidays, the number of drone pilots who engage in bad behavior is much higher than the average, and these people are violating FAA regulations.

  • Unregistered drones over 250g
  • Drone flying over crowds
  • Drone flying beyond visual line of sight
  • Drone flying at an altitude of more than 400 feet
  • Drone flying at night with lights turned off
  • Drone commercial flight without a drone license
  • Drone flying over restricted areas

During holidays or large events, flying drones can help us capture wonderful images. However, unauthorized drone activities pose significant risks, especially during large events and holidays when public places are crowded.

During the just-passed Independence Day in the United States, more than a third of drone flights violated at least one Federal Aviation Administration regulation. Drones flying too high and drones entering restricted areas are the most common bad flying behaviors.

How to mitigate drones?

Most drone pilots fly drones during holidays for leisure and interest. In order to address and mitigate bad behaviors caused by drone flying during holidays, a variety of strategies can be implemented. These strategies involve a combination of regulatory measures, technical solutions and public awareness activities.

1. Regulatory measures

Regulatory measures require joint efforts of the Federal Aviation Administration and drone manufacturers. On the one hand, local and national regulations should be updated in a timely manner to address the problem of increased drone use during holidays and increase penalties for violations.

On the other hand, drones over 250g must be registered for tracking and identification. At the same time, drone manufacturers also need to identify sensitive areas and establish no-fly zones to prevent takeoff.

2. Technical solutions

The FAA and drone manufacturers should strengthen cooperation to implement mandatory geo-fencing and remote ID functions. Invest in and deploy drone detection systems in key areas so that authorities can identify, monitor and manage drone activities.

3. Public Awareness and Education

During the holidays, many drone pilots engage in bad flights, so it is necessary to carry out publicity activities and training programs, as well as encourage the public to report illegal behavior and strengthen the warning effect.

Public activities focus on highlighting the legal and safety implications of improper use of drones, so that drone pilots understand safe flight practices and regulatory compliance to avoid illegal flights during the peak holiday season.

4. Law Enforcement

To mitigate bad drone flight behavior during holidays, security departments need to strengthen monitoring and establish rapid response teams to identify and mitigate illegal drone activities, and respond quickly to drone-related incidents to avoid secondary accidents.

Law enforcement agencies can be equipped with skyfend drone detectors and skyfend drone jammers to ensure airspace security and maintain protection of event sites.

What is Skyfend?

Skyfend manufactures airspace security software and hardware. The company's products are used for airport security, critical infrastructure sites, government facilities, and major sporting events around the world. Skyfend anti-drone solutions protect these venues from attacks by drones that should not be there. Skyfend's technology can detect, identify and mitigate unauthorized drone threats.

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