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Choose A Drone Jammer

Choose A Drone GPS Jammer or A Drone Wi-Fi Jammer?

As a high-tech electronic consumer product, drones have entered the homes of millions of people. However, some criminals use drones to take high-altitude photography and video to obtain property privacy, which seriously infringes on information security. Drone jammers are one of the important ways to deal with illegal drones. So, how do I choose a drone jammer?

drone jammer

The working principle of the drone jammer is to block the drone signal, thereby affecting the drone commander's judgment and forcing the drone to return or make an emergency landing.

Drone image transmission signals mostly rely on Wifi signals and electromagnetic wave frequencies to connect, while drone navigation and positioning rely on GPS signals. Interference with any signal will affect the next flight of the drone.

Drone GPS jammers and drone Wi-Fi jammers are two different types of devices used to disrupt drone operations by disrupting specific communications signals. Here are the main differences between the two:

Drone GPS Jammer:

Purpose: Drone GPS jammers are designed to disrupt the GPS signals that drones rely on for navigation and positioning.

Function: The radio frequency signal it emits will overwhelm or spoof the GPS signal received by the drone, causing the drone to lose the ability to accurately determine its location.

Impact: When a drone's GPS signal is interfered with, it may lose control, veer off course, or enter a fail-safe mode (e.g., return home).

Legality: Due to safety concerns, the use of GPS jammers is illegal in many countries.

Drone Wi-Fi Jammer:

Purpose: The drone Wi-Fi jammer targets the Wi-Fi communication link between the drone and its remote controller or between the drone and the ground station.

Function: It disrupts Wi-Fi signals by emitting jamming signals on the same frequency as the drone communicates with.

Impact: Interference with Wi-Fi signals may cause the drone to lose control, making it unable to respond to commands from the pilot or ground station.

Legality: Like GPS jammers, the use of Wi-Fi jammers is illegal in many countries due to security risks and potential interference with other communications systems.


Drone GPS jammers interfere with the GPS signals that drones rely on for navigation, while drone Wi-Fi jammers disrupt the Wi-Fi communication link between a drone and its controller.

Both types of jammers pose serious risks to drone operations and are generally prohibited by law. Regulations and ethical guidelines must be adhered to when operating drone jammers to ensure safety and comply with legal requirements.

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