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Anti-drone Laws and Technologies

Anti-drone Laws and Technologies Comprehensive Solution

Airport drone incidents and prison drone incidents have shown us the destructiveness of illegal drones. It is urgent to develop anti-drone technology and formulate laws against illegal drones. How to develop a comprehensive solution to anti-drone?

Airports will be closed because of drones flying in the sky, which will have an important impact not only on airports, passengers, but also on transit airports. Prisons will fight, get injured, deal drugs, and even escape because of drones delivering supplies to prisoners. We must prohibit illegal drones from invading.

Current anti-drone technology

The current anti-drone technology on the market is one drone detection and the other is drone defense.

Drone detectors use different methods (radar, radio waves, detector, etc.) to detect drones around. This helps us to detect drones that may pose a threat in time and respond quickly.

Drone defenders use a variety of innovative technologies (shotgun shells, jammers, GPS signal spoofers, lasers, and even trained eagles) to interfere with or destroy drones.

At present, shooting down drones directly is only a short-term solution. In fact, drone defense can block illegal drones in all frequency bands. But there is another drone to shoot down, and most importantly, the laws related to drones.

Can I use anti-drone technology at an airport?

There is a fact: unauthorized [drone] detection and countermeasure deployment [at airports] can cause a series of problems, such as electromagnetic and radio frequency (RF) interference that affect flight safety and air traffic management issues.

Using anti-drone technology at an airport may face:

  • There are many potential sources of radio interference in the airport environment
  • A large number of manpower is required to operate the equipment and identify false alarms
  • Determine the feasibility of installing a permanent system at the airport

Drone technology is developing rapidly, and so is anti-drone technology. Stopping drones near airports is not an easy task, nor is it cheap.

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Current anti-drone laws

Understanding anti-drone laws is also another case of improving anti-drone technology. In the United States, there are anti-jamming laws and anti-GPS spoofing laws. It is illegal to damage or destroy an aircraft or hack into a drone. Individuals who use anti-drone technology privately may face large compensation.

Who uses anti-drone technology?

For the security sector, anti-drone technology and equipment have been granted to the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Defense. Most of them use anti-drone jammers and anti-drone jammer guns to stop illegal drones.

How to convict illegal drone behavior?

Although we are fully aware of the potential dangers of illegal drones, there are still very few prosecutions for suspects. This reflects the incompleteness of anti-drone laws.

Drones do have a variety of data that law enforcement agencies can use to track down bad guys and prosecute them. But there is still a long way to go to completely stop illegal drone operations, and the ultimate goal of trying to successfully convict also means that we need to properly train law enforcement officers and prosecutors to solve potential problems and solutions that may arise during arrests and prosecutions.

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