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Women Flying Drones have Grown into A Professional Occupational Demand

Women Flying Drones have Grown into A Professional Occupational Demand

The drone industry is rapidly growing, increasing the demand for pilots and creating opportunities for women to enter and participate in this exciting new career. Aerial photos and videos made using drones have grown into a major industry. There are literally thousands of hobbyists taking digital images with their drones, hoping to turn their exciting pastime into a money-making proposition.

Female Drone Pilots are Hot New Role

Autel EVO Drone Female Pilots

The percentage of female drone pilots in the U.S. with an FAA remote pilot certificate nearly doubled, from 3.9% in 2016 to 6.7% in 2019, although this percentage is small compared to the number of male pilots, women Getting into the right direction for the future of engagement.

Women are Gradually Entering The Drone Industry

Hobbies like video games, virtual reality and drones usually appeal to male audiences, but not anymore. As more women show interest in technologies such as drones and virtual reality, the drone market has changed its prejudice against typical target audiences, allowing drone companies to focus on untapped markets.

Targeting a technology product to a specific gender creates a gap between the number of men and women participating in the activity surrounding that product. With the right knowledge and learning, and providing resources, guidance and training, women can become interested in and pursue a career in drone piloting.

Multiple Organisations Offer Assistance to Female Drone Pilots

"Women and Drones" is an important organization connecting women around the world interested in drone driving. The organization supports women actively pursuing careers in STEM or aviation. While many women shy away from STEM due to lack of support and resources, the organization provides women around the world with the encouragement they need, including scholarships, a knowledge base, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

Another great organization supporting women in STEM and aviation is Women in Drones. This online platform supports, educates and empowers women and girls through drone technology. They host events and workshops to inspire women to become drone pilots by exposing them to opportunities in the industry. They offer exclusive drone courses that provide hands-on experience to help women deal with drone technology more easily.

With the choice of multiple drones on the market, consumer-level drones are no longer limited to gender, boys and girls can buy and fly freely, and women can also become experts in flying drones. The Autel EVO drone supports all girls in pursuing their hobbies!