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Wildlife Scouting Camera Drone

Wildlife Scouting Camera Drone | EVO II Dual 640t with Thermal Camera

Drones with thermal cameras are starting to find their way into wildlife conservation applications. Wildlife monitoring has become one of the important ways of environmental protection and wildlife protection. Wildlife Scouting camera technology is also evolving, especially to detect wildlife at night.

How to amplify the night vision of Scouting cameras to discover more animal activity tracks in low light or dark night conditions? Thermal imaging cameras drones just got more reliable!

Wildlife Scouting relies on thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging cameras can see through the dark and ignore visual camouflage. Unlike all other night vision systems, they don't require any light to produce sharp images. Many warm-blooded animals are mostly nocturnal, using the cover of darkness to go undetected, but show up clearly in thermal images even in complete darkness and in nearly all weather conditions.

Wildlife Scouting Camera Drone

Thermal cameras are widely used by professional documentarians, wildlife enthusiasts and hunters around the world. Drones with thermal cameras can be fully used for wildlife scouting, and wildlife scouting camera drones have also become one of the must-have tools for these professionals.

Nature photographers or wildlife enthusiasts often utilize thermal camera rigs for wildlife scouting. Although thermal cameras have lower resolution than most vision cameras, the high contrast images of thermal cameras are really the good way of tracking game.

Use a thermal camera during the day

Using thermal imaging equipment to cope with complex geographic environments, even in complete darkness and light fog, you can see the silhouettes of animals and people very clearly. During the daytime, thermal imaging cameras can also collect heat signals, allowing you to scan fields and forests to determine whether there is wildlife around. Wildlife Scouting drones can also give full play to their maneuverability during the day, and monitor the ecological environment of wild animals without affecting the ecological environment.

Follow up on animal behavior

When conducting wildlife scouting, there are often field infrared surveillance cameras bundled and installed on trees. This type of wildlife scouting camera is concealed and fixed, and captures animal videos with randomness. The wild animal Scouting camera drone can track wild animals, including eating, fighting, chasing, breeding, feeding and other behaviors of wild animals, so as to determine the living habits of this type of creatures and conduct deeper research.

Use in complex scenarios

The EVO II Dual 640t is rugged, with some water resistance, class 8 wind resistance, compact, lightweight and shock-resistant, fully capable of handling harsh outdoor environments. Intuitive controls and improved internal menus allow quick adjustments to hot palettes and provide easy access to new features such as picture-in-picture zoom, video recording and GPS functionality.

A single battery lasts up to 38 minutes of continuous use, ready to capture any wildlife encounter with onboard video and image recording, and thermal imaging of up to 640*512 at 30 Hz preserves the details of moving objects. 8GB of internal storage and a built-in microSD™ card slot provide enough memory for the most demanding trips, and live video streaming allows data to be shared.

EVO II Dual Camera Parameters (Infrared)

Photo Parameters (Infrared)

Parameter Available Values Default Value
Size 640 x 512 640 x 512
Format JPG JPG
Color White hot, Black hot, Rainbow, RainHC,Iron-bow,Lava,Arctic,Glowbow,Graded Fire,Hottest Lava
Digital Zoom 1.0X - 8.0X 1.0X

Video Parameters (Infrared)

Parameter Available Values Default Value
Format MOV, MP4 MOV
Resolution 640 x 512 640 x 512
Frame Rate 9 FPS, 30 FPS, 50FPS 60 FPS
Color White hot, Black hot, Rainbow, RainHC,Iron-bow,Lava,Arctic,Glowbow,Graded Fire,Hottest Lava
Digital Zoom 1.0X - 8.0X 1.0X

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