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Wifi Drones

Wifi Drones: Everything You Need To Know

Do you need Wifi to fly your drone? can you fly drone without wifi? what is a wifi drone? Common drone beginner concerns. Here we will detail everything about the Wifi Drone.

What Is The Wifi Drone?

WiFi is a wireless networking system that allows devices to communicate with each other. To fly a WiFi drone is to control the drone when the drone is equipped with a Wi-Fi access point. At present, most consumer drones and professional drones do not need wifi to control the drone flight, but will need to use wifi for transmission when taking pictures or videos.

Wifi Transmission Frequency Band

Autel Robotics EVO Nano Drone with 10KM 2.7K/30FPS Video Transmission

In a large number of long-range drones, we can see some frequency bands for data transmission. For example 2.4GHz, 5GHz, 5.2GHz, 5.8GHz. These different transmission frequencies determine the speed of data transmission and the distance between signal communications.

2.4GHz is the farthest data transmission frequency, and 5.8GHz is the fastest data transmission frequency. Advanced drones often use multiple frequency bands to transmit data, and in areas with weak or unstable connections, they will automatically select the best channel to connect to. its controller.

The image transmission technology of most drones uses WIFI image transmission technology, and this is only for small toy drones. They tend to only maintain a signal connection at a range of about 100 meters. While DJI and Autelrobotics developed their own image transmission technology, DJI enabled dji ocusync digital image transmission, Autelrobotics enabled Autel SkyLink digital image transmission technology, and the long-distance image transmission can reach 10km.

GPS Functionality Does Not Require Wi-Fi

GPS function does not depend on wireless network, you can use your GPS service without network signal. This is also why the drone is able to return home when our remote control loses connection with the drone.

What Does Wi-Fi Bring To Drones?

Drones don't need cellular service or Wifi to fly, but drone pilots can use cellular service or Wifi signals to enable other features.

Update Firmware

If your quadcopter has wifi function, then you can download the latest firmware version of the drone online. The upgrade of the drone application is also particularly important. Updating your old firmware version in time will help you gain the ability to fly the drone. Best experience.

Map Update

Most recreational drones are flown with time and airspace constraints, which underscores the importance of real-time maps for drones. Regularly connecting the drone to update the map will help fix your uncertainty about the no-fly zone and achieve more comfortable flying.

Real-time Transmission

After we take pictures or videos, they may be stored on the sd card, possibly in the cloud. With the help of WiFi or mobile communication, drone pilots can upload these to their mainstream social platforms for the first time, or start a live broadcast of your drone driving.

The Relationship Between WiFi and Radio Wave Transmission

Radio waves are also a way of connecting the remote control to wirelessly communicate with the drone. Radio waves work by sending messages to receivers and transmitters. This is also the reason why drone remotes are called RC transmitters.

Radio wave transmission must require both receiver and transmitter to communicate on the same frequency. Your drone and remote control devices are paired via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Any information or frequency broadcast via RFID is prefixed with RFID to ensure the receiver recognizes and follows up.

WiFi does not equal radio wave transmission.

Write At The End

The short-range communication of wifi drones determines that it is only suitable for some toy drones. Advanced consumer drones use digital image transmission technology to extend the image transmission of drones to a distance of 10 kilometers. You don't need wifi to fly a drone, WiFi is only useful for additional drone function services.

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