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Which Drone Company Is Better? DJI Or Autelrobotics Drone?

As the first drone company to start selling consumer drones, DJI drones have continuously improved the hard power of drone technology. In 2020, they have occupied more than 70% of the drone market share. Autelrobotics has also been around for several years. The latter come first? Let's see which of the two drone companies is better!

Autelrobotics, the new drone company, pioneered a line of consumer drones and enterprise drones to compete with DJI drones. Autel Drones continues to appear at major drone exhibitions, refreshing the understanding of drones again and again. Many drone players are starting to see Autel drones and pay attention to Autelrobotics drone company.

Is DJI A Chinese Drone Company?

DJI is a Chinese company established in 2006. They are still the largest drone manufacturer in the world. The Trump administration in the United States has imposed a ban on dji drone companies in 2020, prohibiting the use of DJI drones. At present, the US market share of dji drones is declining.

Is Autelrobotics An American Drone Company?

Autelrobotics was established in 2014 and cooperates with many national first-class universities and top laboratories. As a Sino-US cooperative drone company, Autelrobotics has successfully taken over many drone users lost from DJI drones, and its growing market share has helped Autelrobotics carry out new drone technology innovations and win unmanned Machine users applaud.

To determine which drone company is better, drone users should first consider their drone needs. Judging what kind of drone is suitable for you according to the needs of drone use, and also clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of drone companies.

Questions Drone Users Should Ask When Choosing a Drone Company:

  • Will you use your drone commercially or as a hobbyist?
  • Do you prefer American-made drones or Chinese-made drones?
  • Do you need additional software or robotics tasks?
  • What are your thoughts on drones, the pursuit of speed or cameras?
  • What level of training do you have? Do you need drone training?
  • Do drone companies offer the customer support you need?
  • What is your drone budget price range?

After drone users clarify their drone needs, they will make better choices for their drone products and drone companies.

Which Is The Better Drone Company?

As one of the top drone companies in the United States, DJI drone and Autelrobotics drone company have good drone products and a stable drone fan group, injecting new vitality into the drone market. . Choosing a good drone company is just as important as choosing a good drone product.

Drone users should focus on the ease of use of drones, superior camera sensors, extensive lineup, upgradeability, fewer flight restrictions and longer flight times to choose the right drone for them.

DJI drone has long been known and has mature drone technology. Autel drones are constantly looking for new breakthroughs in drone technology to earn a place for themselves. As an intelligent drone company, Autel drone is constantly pursuing technological innovation.

Among the Autel drones, the notable difference from DJI drones is that there are no geo-fencing restrictions, and all decisions are in the hands of the drone pilot. For drone pilots weary of no-fly zones and geofencing restrictions, this is a new experience.

The Most Recommended Drone Companies For Sale

Among the DJI drones and Autel drones, the most recommended drones in the consumer drone series are the DJI Air 2s and Autel EVO Lite Plus, both of which have superior flight performance and camera performance, and the image High-definition and stable transmission. Read more: Will Autel's New Drone, The EVO Lite+, Be A Competitor To The DJI Air 2S?

The most recommended drones in the enterprise drone series are the RTK series and the thermal drone series. These two types of enterprise drones can serve many industries and carry out drone deployment.

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