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Drones Used In Urban Planning

What Types of Drones Are Used In Urban Planning?

The development of drone technology enables urban landscape designers and planners to quickly check the existing social and environmental conditions of the site, and use drones to collect data to efficiently create 2D maps and 3D landscape models, which is a high-tech means in urban planning one.

Various types of drones are used in urban planning, and each type of drone has its own advantages by carrying high-resolution cameras, video cameras, and thermal cameras, allowing complex urban and rural projects to navigate and Mapping made easy and fast.

Fixed Wing Drone

Fixed-wing drones generally have longer flight times and greater range. They are suitable for wide-area mapping and terrain modeling, and can quickly acquire large-scale aerial imagery and data. This type of drone is commonly used in urban planning to collect high-precision geographic information and generate 3D models.

Wingta Fixed-Wing UAV Drone

Fixed Wing Drone:Wingtra WingtraOne

Multi-rotor Drone

Multi-rotor drones are one of the most common and flexible drone types and are widely used in urban planning. They feature stable flight capabilities and camera gimbal systems that enable high-quality aerial photography, video recording, and remote sensing data collection. Multi-rotor drones are suitable for a variety of tasks, including building inspections, construction monitoring, environmental assessments, and more.

Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3
Centimeter-Level & High-Precision Positioning System | No GCP Required | 640*512 Thermal Camera

View Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3

Autel EVO MAX 4T 720° Obstacle Avoidance | Non-GPS Return-to-Home | 42 Mins Flight Time | Automatic Obstacle Rerouting

View Autel EVO MAX 4T

VTOL Fixed Wing Drone

VTOL fixed-wing UAV Drone has the ability of vertical take-off and landing and fixed-wing flight, combining the advantages of fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones. The drone can maneuver flexibly in tight urban environments and fly at high speeds in fixed-wing mode when required. VTOL fixed-wing UAV Drone can be used in urban planning for long-distance mapping, urban traffic analysis and other tasks.

VTOL Fixed Wing Drone: Autel Dragonfish drone


These types of drones have their own characteristics, equipped with different advanced sensors, and are suitable for different urban planning needs. Depending on the specific project and mission, planners can choose the most suitable type of drone to obtain the required data and information. In addition, with the development of drone technology, the emergence of new drones will bring more innovative application opportunities in the field of urban planning.

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