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Rooftop Robot Drone

What is a “Rooftop Robot Drone”?

"Rooftop robots" or "rooftop robot drones" are one of the high-tech tools used in roof survey projects to improve the safety of roof inspection workplaces and improve inspection efficiency.

Why do you need a “Rooftop Robot Drone”?

Approximately one-third of construction fatalities during roof inspection and roof survey programs are caused by fall injuries. Meanwhile, manual roof inspection takes about three days.

The roof robot can be programmed to run according to a predetermined track and conduct all-round roof inspections at close range. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, drones can easily reach areas that are inaccessible to humans for inspection.

Rooftop Robot

Rooftop robots and rooftop robot drones have the potential to not only make rooftop and home construction projects more efficient, but also improve workplace safety. Drones allow roofers to easily inspect roofs, identify weak spots, and establish necessary safety measures before taking manual measurements.

We're just bringing new inspection technologies to rooftops, they don't replace workers, it just changes workers' jobs and makes them safer.

Which rooftop robotic drones can I turn to for help?

Rooftop robot drones are mainly used for drone roof inspections. Drone roof inspections become a safer, more cost-effective alternative. This type of drone usually has a high-definition camera, good maneuverability, can achieve multi-directional obstacle avoidance, and has the ability to fly for a long time.

Autel EVO II Pro RTK V3 and Autel EVO II 640T drones can help you.

Autel EVO II Pro RTK V3 has 6K resolution, 1-inch camera, supports shooting 20MP photos and 6K@30fps video, 40 minutes flight time, six-way obstacle avoidance, and the drone’s RTK capability can inspect large areas of roofs. to the 3D mapping function for overall planning.

Drone Roof Mapping

The Autel EVO II 640T drone uses dual cameras to present the scene. The visible light camera and the thermal imaging camera use picture-in-picture mode to conduct a comprehensive search and investigation of the roof of the house. The thermal imaging image can clearly show situations invisible to the naked eye, such as wall cracks. , wall cracks, pipe damage, roof tile cracks and damage, etc., to provide help for workers in roof maintenance.

Rooftop Robot Drone

The Autel EVO II 640T drone uses an 8K camera and a thermal imaging resolution of 640*512 to shoot 8K@30fps video, with a flight time of 38 minutes and six-way obstacle avoidance. Among them, the image transmission distance of the EVO II 640T V2 drone can reach 9km, and the image transmission distance of the EVO II 640T V3 drone can reach 15km.

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