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What is 3D Mapping Thermal Imaging Drone?

What is 3D Mapping Thermal Imaging Drone?

3D mapping thermal imaging drone is a drone with three-dimensional modeling and thermal imaging functions. It combines advanced photogrammetry technology, thermal imaging technology and drone flight control system, which can be used to obtain accurate three-dimensional models of the ground or objects, and simultaneously collect thermal imaging images.

Equipped with a high-resolution camera and thermal imaging sensor, the drone can capture details on an object's surface and measure its temperature distribution. By processing and analyzing multiple photos or thermal images, drones can produce very accurate three-dimensional maps and models and provide detailed information about target objects.

Autel 3d mapping thermal imaging drone description

Among Autel drones, the Autel EVO II 640T RTK series and Autel EVO MAX series combine RTK modules and thermal imaging cameras. Thermal imaging resolution can reach 640*512@30fps, RTK module Horizontal Positioning Accuracy: 1cm+1ppm, Vertical Positioning Accuracy: 1.5cm+1ppm.

Autel EVO II Dual Drone with 8K camera and infrared imaging camera

Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3 and EVO MAX 4T/4N use Autel IRPC tool for thermal imaging display, advanced thermal imaging technology that can detect temperature differences of objects and capture detailed images up to 1000 feet away.

Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3 and EVO MAX 4T drones are ideal choices for surveying, mapping and modeling projects. They fly missions according to predetermined trajectories. Semi-autonomous flight can greatly free up manpower. The 3D mapping thermal imaging drone enables comprehensive data capture from multiple angles and is used to create detailed 3D models and maps.

EVO II RTK Series V3 can connect to an NTRIP network

Applications of 3D mapping thermal imaging drone

Construction and real estate: Drones can be used for construction site inspections, building appearance assessments and heat loss analysis to help improve construction quality and safety.

Geological exploration and mapping: Drones can be used for terrain mapping and geological exploration to generate high-precision terrain models and geological images to help with resource exploration and geological disaster early warning.

Agriculture and forestry: Drones can carry out farmland monitoring, crop growth status assessment and pest and disease detection, providing accurate agricultural management and forestry resource management information.

Environmental protection and monitoring: Drones can be used for environmental monitoring, air quality assessment and fire monitoring, providing timely environmental data and early warning information to help protect the ecological environment.

In short

3D mapping thermal imaging drone has the characteristics of high efficiency, accuracy and flexibility, and plays an important role in various industries, providing workers with fast and accurate data collection and analysis methods, promoting the improvement of work efficiency and scientific decision-making. 

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