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What Does Buying Drone Bring Us?

As we all know, drones are widely used in various scenarios due to the properties of aerial cameras. The most common one is drone photography, which shoots from a unique aerial perspective, bringing unexpected scenes. In addition, there are delivery drones. enterprise drones, used for drone delivery and industrial inspection, personnel search and rescue, agricultural inspection, fire rescue, etc.

What Can I Buy Drone For?

Buying a Drone To Invest In My Hobbies

buy drone

It is really interesting to practice drone flying and photography. Drone flying can bring us unprecedented flying experience, and drone photography is even more novel and interesting. Buying a Drone For a hobby, for family and kids, you really need a drone.

Drone Photography for Real Estate

Drone Photography for Real Estate

Do you want to capture beautiful, eye-catching real estate photos? Real estate exterior photography requires the use of drones to shoot everything from a bird's-eye view. Using aerial photography for real estate will create a visual appeal about the house and enhance the image of the real estate value.

If you are interested in drone real estate photography, you can buy professional drone photography equipment or even consider becoming a real estate drone photographer as a career development to make money from drone photography.

Drone Photography For The MV

Drone Photography for MV

Many music videos are filled with action-packed footage, and in an era full of musicians, drone filming of MVs has become a new way to save time and effort, and save a lot of money. When it comes to releasing a music album, there are always carefully choreographed dances and movements in the music video, a must when buying drone to capture expansive high-altitude footage.

Drone For Wedding Photography

Drone For Wedding Photography

More and more newlyweds are keen on outdoor weddings and documenting the whole day. Drone photography has become a new trend for weddings. Drone wedding photography and videography allow professionals to capture jaw-dropping wedding footage from above. A professional wedding planning team can obtain unique and high-quality results by using aerial drone photography by purchasing drones.

Drone Show

Drone Show

drone performance is a very technically difficult operation, and the drone pilot needs to control the drone to fly stably in the air and arrange it in an orderly manner. The drone show is always carried out in the dark, the drone has a light source on the fuselage, and the drone can be arranged in patterns or text at night to bring a wonderful performance. A fleet of drones is a very large investment and usually only serves some major festivals.

How Much Does a Drone For Photography Cost?

Buying drone for photography is a great investment, you can buy the best drone for less than $1000, such as the EVO Nano+, of course, drone photography will also bring you the opportunity to make money, professional Drone photographers are rewarded with drone photography. Drone photography costs around $70 to $250 per hour. Or it can range from $150 to $350 per project.

Delivery Drone

Delivery Drone

Drone delivery missions are an efficient and inexpensive option. During the COVID-19 pandemic, drone deliveries are offering a safe alternative to traditional delivery methods, significantly reducing any direct behavioral contact between businesses and customers. Amazon’s drone delivery service and Walmart’s drone delivery service have been increasing significantly in recent years.

Drone Racing

Racing Dronesource:

Yes, drones are not only used for photography hobbies, but also for drone racing. Drone speed is the key to racing drones, and professional drone racers can get dramatic shots by maneuvering their drones. Buying an FPV drone to experience the first perspective, drone racing competitions have become popular.

Agricultural Drone

drone for agriculturesource:

Intelligent agricultural production in the United States is very mature, and large areas of agricultural land require monitoring equipment to detect various data. Buying agricultural drones can achieve a variety of functions, such as spraying pesticides in the air, monitoring pests, picking crops, etc., saving time and labor costs.

Security and Industrial Inspection Drones

security Inspection dronesource:

Purchasing commercial drones can carry out security inspections, such as inspections of power lines, industrial buildings, housing construction, communication cables, etc. Enterprise drones can find potential safety hazards as quickly as possible, reduce labor costs, and provide professionals with solutions as soon as possible save time.

Police Drone

Police Dronesource:

Police drones are usually infrared drones or infrared thermal imaging drones, which can be used to find suspects or search and rescue missing persons in complex terrain. Infrared drones or infrared thermal imaging drones can sense people body temperature, receiving infrared wavelengths of the human body to track people, and buying drones for the police is very beneficial.

Fire Rescue Drone

Fire Rescue Dronesource:


Fire rescue drones can find trapped target persons as quickly as possible so that professionals can give rescue plans to arrange rescue. RTK drones can achieve centimeter-level positioning and provide accurate dynamic perception. In addition, in forest fire prevention, fire rescue drones are also indispensable. The aerial perspective provides topographic maps, predicts the scope of fire spread, and accurately extinguishes fires.

In the future, drones may be applied to more field scenarios, and buying drones will never be a good investment.

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