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UAV maritime inspections help staff overcome difficulties

UAV maritime inspections help staff overcome difficulties

The maritime work functions are numerous and complex, not only to monitor water traffic and ship pollution, to manage the order and environment of navigation, but also to be responsible for the safety of navigation. However, problems such as the large scope of maritime inspections, the complex conditions of the jurisdiction, the large number of supervision objects, the easy obstruction of signals, and the existence of blind spots in the field of vision have always been the pain points in the inspection process.

UAV maritime inspections

To further enhance the efficiency and monitoring of maritime inspections, drone applications supporting solutions are constantly being improved, and are committed to helping staff overcome difficulties in the process of maritime inspections. The application scenarios of UAV maritime inspection are as follows.

I. Application scenario 1 of border patrol drones: ultra-wide berthing maritime inspection

1. The drone conducts daily inspections according to the designated route and finds the phenomenon of over-wide berthing at the wharf.

2. The drone flew to the top to shout and drive away, and if they refused to repent, they began to collect evidence.

3. Law enforcement officers immediately turn on the grid line settings, and control the flying speed and photo-taking rhythm of border patrol drones concerning the position of the nine-square grid line, and complete the acquisition of aerial photos of the dock.

4. Multi-angle photography of the ship's name and label is convenient for confirming the ship's information through the collaborative platform.

5. When the plane returns, the photo import software generates a two-dimensional orthophoto, marks the time and geographic coordinates, and measures the ultra-wide data of each ship.

6. Finally, punish according to the regulations.

II. Border patrol drones application scenario 2: personnel review the maritime inspection

1. Maritime personnel communicate with the captain through the VHF system to verify the time.

2. According to the ship's position reported by the ship's automatic identification system, the drone uses the dotting positioning function to fly to the top of the ship.

3. Use the megaphone to shout, and call the crew to gather on the deck.

4. Use a high-magnification zoom lens to capture information.

5. Use the mobile WeChat applet to perform face recognition comparisons and check crew information.

6. When the plane returns, the photos are imported into the internal ledger system for secondary write-off.

7. The results are fed back to the background centre, and the captain is informed to end the review.

III. Border patrol drones application scenario 3: maritime joint anti-smuggling

1. Use thermal imaging to conduct large-scale inspections in stealth mode.

2. Identify suspicious ships, take photos and collect evidence, and follow the whereabouts.

3. Border patrol drones identify high-speed moving ships through the wake, and track and capture them.

4. Track to the unloading site, conduct a video investigation and capture evidence.

IV. Border patrol drones application scenario 4: maritime joint arrest

1. Delineate the inspection area and determine the inspection area.

2. Use border patrol drones to conduct coastal patrols.

3. Determine the behaviour of illegal fishing personnel through infrared cameras.

4. The location of illegal fishing personnel is located through the images captured by the drone.

5. Cooperate with the background commanders to launch arrest operations.

V. Border patrol drones application scenario 5: Other maritime inspection application scenarios

1. Dynamic monitoring of ships and passenger ferries.

2. Dangerous goods monitoring.

3. Navigation warning in tributary waters.

4. Monitoring of the reverse course of the channel, illegal anchoring, and unclear ship name identification.

5. Supervision of water work.

6. Water emergency rescue.

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