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Topographic Surveying Drone--Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3 Use Case

Topographic Surveying Drone--Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3 Use Case

Topographic surveying is a key process in areas such as urban planning, land use, environmental protection, and resource management, and topographical survey data is vital to a variety of industries.

The development of drone technology not only brings new ideas and methods to topographic survey, but also brings more convenient, efficient and accurate solutions to traditional topographic survey.

Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3, as a dedicated Topographic Surveying Drone, can better adapt to the needs of the field of surveying and mapping.

Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3 Overview

autel evo ii pro rtk application

Topographic Surveying Drone Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3 drone is equipped with a 640x512 pixel thermal imaging camera and a 48MP high-definition visible light camera, which can collect terrain data in real time. It is also equipped with RTK (real-time differential positioning) technology to provide high-precision positioning. Operate in a variety of complex terrain and weather conditions.

At the same time, the drone also has functions such as autonomous flight path planning, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and fast return, which can quickly and safely complete terrain survey tasks and provide more accurate, complete, and real-time terrain survey data.

Topographic Surveying

Using Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3 Topographic Surveying Drone for topographic survey has the following advantages:

Quick Response: The drone can quickly respond to mission requirements and quickly complete terrain survey tasks to provide more real-time and accurate data.

Inexpensive: Topographic surveys using drones are less costly than traditional ground-based equipment and manual surveys, while also significantly reducing survey time.

Safe and efficient: The use of drones can prevent personnel from entering complex terrain and dangerous environments, and can also improve work efficiency and safety.

High measurement accuracy: Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3 is equipped with RTK technology, which provides ultra-high-precision positioning function and ensures the accuracy and reliability of topographic measurement data.

Autel Robotics recently launched the Autel Mapper software, which will be combined with Autel enterprise drones for 2D/3D mapping, and better serve RTK drones for surveying and mapping.

In conclusion, Autel EVO II 640T RTK V3 is a professional-level drone suitable for terrain surveying, which can complete various terrain surveying tasks quickly, safely and accurately. In future applications, this drone technology will be more widely used in areas such as urban planning, land use, geographic information system (GIS) and resource management, providing people with a better living and working experience.

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