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Thermal Drones Hunt Invasive Species, Overrun Wildlife

Thermal Drones Hunt Invasive Species, Overrun Wildlife

For the management of invasive species and rampant wildlife, governments and environmental organizations have adopted a series of regulatory and control measures to curb growth and reduce the impact on local ecology.

Thermal drone hunting provides a new method, and drone hunting games are more interesting, but the voices of support and opposition still make every hunter worry about how we can use drones to legally hunt invasive species and overpopulation wild animals?

What invasive species are there in the United States?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture continues to update the invasive species profile list every year, especially in the United States. Florida is home to hundreds of invasive or exotic species, ranking first in the continental United States, from snakes and birds to fish and plants.

Due to a subtropical climate, wildlife trafficking, and mismanagement by residents and tourists, the state now hosts hundreds of non-native species of flora and fauna.

In the United States, wild boars, Burmese pythons, Cuban tree frogs, green iguanas, African giant snails, tegu lizards, rhesus monkeys, cane toads, bobcats, armadillos, etc., reproduce very quickly and have a great impact on the ecological environment. of invasive alien species.

invasive species in the United

What animals are huntable in the United States?

Things vary from state to state in the U.S., but there are plenty of animals that can be hunted legally.

America has a long history of game hunting, including deer, elk, bear, moose, bighorn sheep, bison, black bear, pronghorn, turkey, wild boar hunting, caribou, coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, brown bears, ducks, foxes, goats, Wolves, Columbian mule deer, pheasants, quail, hares, etc. are some of the common animals available for hunting in the United States.


thermal drone hunting wild pigs

Can drones be used to hunt invasive species, overrun wildlife?

Traditional methods for managing invasive species and overpopulated wildlife include strengthening quarantine supervision, promoting biological control technologies, education and publicity, and habitat restoration to help restore local ecology. Drone hunting is a new way for technology to change the lives of hunters, and we need to pay attention to legal compliance.

Drones can be used for monitoring, tracking and hunting. Drones participating in hunting games can track the prey throughout the process until the prey is killed, found and brought back. However, whether thermal drones can be used to hunt invasive species and overpopulated wild animals depends on local laws and regulations.

How can thermal drones help hunt invasive species, overrun wildlife?

Thermal drone hunting usually refers to applications for large species such as wild boars, deer, coyotes, etc. Thermal drones are expensive and more valuable for tracking and discovering large species.

Thermal drones usually have dual cameras, visible light imaging and thermal imaging. The visible light camera can perfectly overlook everything from the air, and the thermal imaging camera can help hunters find moving prey faster. This is because the prey is alive and surrounding. There are obvious heat differences in the environment, and thermal drones can quickly detect this difference to find prey.

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The drone also has strong maneuverability. The drone can quickly lock on the target prey and track it. Even in some inaccessible locations, the drone can perfectly shuttle. After the hunter shoots, the drone can quickly arrive at the location and lead the hunter to recover the prey.

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The legality of thermal drone hunting

Although thermal drones are very effective for hunting, they are still illegal in many states, with strict prohibitions on the use of water or aerial drones for hunting and fishing.

Using a drone equipped with thermal imaging to identify prey may be unsporting, something we must be aware of when we start using thermal drones for hunting.

In some states, the reason why thermal drones are illegal for hunting is to use drones to find live prey before hunting, and to use drones to disturb, chase, and expel wild animals during hunting games, even after the hunter has put away his weapon. Use a drone to find downed prey.

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thermal drone hunting

Thermal drones help us succeed in hunting games. At the same time, drone hunting is also effective in combating invasive species and overpopulated wild populations. However, the use of thermal drones for hunting must still comply with local laws and regulations. Avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations.

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