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Surveillance Drones Prevent Theft and Protect Farms Safe

Surveillance Drones Prevent Theft and Protect Farms Safe

Is your farm safe? How to keep your farm, livestock and property safe? Surveillance drones help you avoid losses of livestock and animals, as well as incidents such as theft and wild animal intrusions, and keep your farm safe.

Why are cattle rustling incidents so frequent?

Cattle theft is the most common type of livestock theft. On the one hand, due to the high value of cattle, on the other hand, due to poor care or limited energy of farmers.

Ranchers almost everywhere in the world have encountered the problem of missing cattle, and the western United States is a frequent area for cattle theft. In California alone, ranchers lose an average of approximately 1,900 cattle each year, resulting in approximately $1.5 million in losses. However, law enforcement is only able to recover about half of the livestock animals.

cattle rustling incidents

How to prevent cattle theft?

  • Timed and fixed feeding plan
  • Mark your cattle
  • Maintain cattle fences and gates
  • Install surveillance cameras
  • GPS tracking monitoring

Farmers have made great efforts to prevent cattle theft. However, as criminals advance in technology, unregulated spaces, weak law enforcement and remote borders make catching thieves difficult.

Alongside the prevention of cattle rustling that combines traditional methods, technological advancements, community collaboration and other security measures, an emerging tool, drones, can also be introduced.

How can drones help combat cattle rustling?

Drones can patrol cattle over a large area in a short period of time, helping ranchers assess and provide aerial surveillance of ground activities, and quickly obtain aerial safety assurance.

drones help combat cattle rustling

Real-time monitoring and patrolling: Drones are equipped with advanced cameras and sensors and can conduct high-altitude patrols and real-time monitoring over a wide range. Farmers can use drones to monitor activities around the farm and detect the presence of suspicious people or vehicles in a timely manner.

Night patrols: Most cattle rustling occurs at night. Using the infrared night vision function of drones, night patrols can be conducted in the dark, greatly increasing the probability of detecting cattle rustling.

Quick response: Once a suspicious situation is discovered, the drone can quickly locate and notify the farmer or law enforcement authorities, achieving rapid response and disposal, and reducing the losses of cattle rustling.

How are drones used in agriculture?

The application of drone technology provides new means and possibilities for farm safety and combating cattle rustling. But at the same time, farmers can also gain more through drones.

drones used in agriculture

Autonomous drones can identify multiple objects simultaneously to count and track farm animals. Ranchers can remotely view the movements of farm animals and track their movement range.

Thermal imaging drones can quickly detect people or wild animals around the farm, increase vigilance, set up fences, place farm animals in contact with potentially dangerous people, and regularly assess the health of animals based on changes in their body temperatures.

Surveillance, security and drone monitoring with Autel thermal imaging drones

Autel thermal imaging drone can provide 640*512 resolution thermal imaging video, 10 thermal palettes, multiple temperature measurement modes, and the temperature accuracy error is about 3 degrees Celsius, which can fully help farmers manage farm property.

Surveillance, security and drone monitoring with Autel thermal imaging drones

Autel thermal imaging drones can choose Autel EVO II 640T V3 drone and Autel MAX 4T drone. Autel EVO II 640T V3 drone has dual cameras, 8K visible light imaging and 640*512 thermal imaging, with a flight time of 38 minutes. The Autel MAX 4T drone has a multi-sensor camera gimbal, supports 8K 10X zoom and 640*512 thermal imaging, and has a flight time of 42 minutes.

Both thermal imaging drones are foldable quadcopter drones with long flight times for surveying extensive farm perimeter fences. Its high-definition cameras and thermal imaging cameras capture vivid photos and videos of farm animals in action.

Drones also help farmers provide complete, detailed maps of their pastures so they can quickly evaluate options and track changes over time.

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