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SkyFendDefender PAR100

SkyFendDefender PAR100 Introducing

SkyFend's PAR100 is an ultra-efficient, highly reliable anti-drone radar system. It uses the latest radar technology and embedded processor to quickly detect, identify and track different types of drones.

PAR100 has low false alarm rate and anti-interference performance, low SWaP-C design means PAR100 is flexible and portable, suitable for various scenarios, ensuring mass usage. SWaP-C stands for size, weight, power and cost.

The long-range detection performance of SkyFend PAR100 benefits from the clutter suppression algorithm and micro-Doppler algorithm, which can further analyze and provide accurate environmental information even in complex scenes at a distance of 1,000 meters.

Autel skyfend par100

The SkyFend PAR100 is ultra-portable and weighs only 1.1kg. It can be mounted on vehicles, masts and towers, or deployed at fixed locations.

The operation of PAR100 is very simple and intuitive, compatible with C2 software, and can work with photoelectric, radio and other sensors.

The PAR100 system also adopts deep learning and artificial intelligence technology, which can automatically identify different types of UAV drones, reduce the rate of false alarms and false negatives, and improve the system's identification accuracy and countermeasures.

The system is widely used in military, public security, fortress defense, prison management and other fields, providing users with a complete solution for drone monitoring and strikes.

In short, SkyFend's PAR100 is an efficient and reliable drone defense radar system. Its advanced technology and functions make it have certain advantages in UAV drone monitoring and strike. If you need a high-performance UAV drone monitoring system, PAR100 is undoubtedly a good choice.

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