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Shark Monitoring Drone

Shark Monitoring Drone: Autel EVO II Enterprise V3 Drone

Drone technology has pushed shark observation to a new level. Sharks are one of the overlords of the ocean world. Observation and analysis of marine life (especially sharks) with drones is conducive to revealing the peaceful coexistence between humans and sharks.

The waters off Long Island, New York, are home to a variety of sharks, including sand tiger sharks, dusky sharks, sandbar sharks and juvenile great whites. Although shark bites are rare, the recent spike in shark bites is alarming. Governor Kathy Hochul announced decisive measures in response to this year's escalating number of shark attacks.

The state plans to significantly expand its shark-spotting drone fleet to include dozens of Autel EVO II Enterprise V3 series drone to enhance the safety of beachgoers on the Long Island, New York City and Westchester County coasts.

These Autel Robotics EVO II Dual 640T V3 thermal drone enterprise bundles cost well over $5,000 each. These drones come with two extra batteries, a smart controller, and a few accessories.

The Chinese-made drones are part of a $1 million program to provide vigilant "eyes in the sky" to improve beach safety. The funding will also go toward training and Part 107 certification for drone operators to use the equipment effectively.

Speaking at a news conference in Jones Beach, Nassau County, Hochl said the Chinese-made drones will clean up three times a day -- when it opens, around noon and when it closes. "If sharks can convey the message that we're watching from land, sea and air..." Hochl said.

Sharks captured by drone footage

The drones record sharks as they approach the surface and are used to monitor shark activity and protect beachgoers. On the one hand, explorers are worried and fearful about sharks, and on the other hand, they go deep into the ocean, trying to find and mark the marine life of sharks.

It is true that human beings and marine life share the same ocean space, we should use the constantly upgraded drone technology to better understand, perceive and study sharks.

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