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RC Cable Or RC Charger | A Must See For Autel Drones Users

RC Cable Or RC Charger | A Must See For Autel Drones Users

In the use of drones, RC Cable is one of the drone accessories that drone users often come into contact with. Novice drones often confuse RC Cable and RC Charger. This article will introduce the difference between the two to make it clearer for Autel drone users.

What Is RC Cable?

The Drone RC Cable is a must-have drone accessory to connect the remote control to your phone. One end of the drone RC Cable is connected to the drone, and the other end is connected to the mobile phone. There are 3 different configurations of RC cables depending on the port of the phone.

RC Cable

Through the connection of the RC Cable, the control commands of the remote control and the control commands of the Autel drone App will be more convenient to operate the drone flight and photography.

RC Cable Connection Type

The RC Cable connects the Remote Controller to a mobile device. The RC cable is suitable for Lightning, Micro-USB, or USB-C port.

With the ever-increasing smartphone technology, USB-C is one of the most commonly used interfaces in life. USB-C boasts faster charging and fast and reliable data transfer, even better than USB-A 3.0 and above.

Which Is Better Type-C Or Lightning?

In cell phone connections, Lightning is USB 2.0, which is dated, and super-slow in data and charging rates.

Can The RC Cable Length Be Changed?

The length of rc cable is fixed and the size is usually between a few inches. Don't worry about the reason why your drone's remote control is not long enough to connect to your phone, the rc cable can handle this distance completely.

What Is RC Controller Charger?

RC Controller Charger often allows charging and data transfer between devices such as mobile phones or cameras and a computer. But not often, sometimes, the RC Controller Charger is limited to charging.

The Difference Between RC Cable And RC Controller Charger

rc cable is a drone accessory that connects a mobile phone with a remote control.

RC Controller Charger is a cable device that connects the drone remote control for charging.

The two have different lengths, different shapes, and different functions. Both have good design and convenient for storage.

Can I Get Those Cables In The Autelpilot Store?

When purchasing a drone in the Autelpilot store, drone users will get 1 RC Controller Charger, 3 RC Cables (Lightning, Type-C, Micro USB), and support for additional purchases of this accessory.

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