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Power Grid Drone Automatic Inspection Solution

Power Grid Drone Automatic Inspection Solution

State Grid has begun to use drones for inspections to manage power grids and factories, easily monitor construction, conduct inspections and maintain asset equipment, and implement automated inspection programs.

Advantages of the grid drone automatic inspection solution

  • grid drone Autel EVO II 640T V3 Gray
    • Free labor
    • Improve efficiency
    • Safety
    • Intelligent
    • Convenient management

How are automated drones used for power grid inspections?

Autel enterprise drones are automatically deployed in an orderly manner according to the operation scenarios along the power transmission line. According to the mission plan preset by the platform, the drones take off autonomously, follow the inspection route planned based on high-precision 3D point cloud map information, and carry out inspection tasks. After the task is completed, it will automatically land and recover, and the whole process can be done without manual intervention.

Thanks to the RTK centimeter-level precise positioning technology, the drone can hover at the designated position, use machine vision to independently identify important parts such as insulators and the top of the pole tower, adjust the shooting parameters, output the optimal capture picture, and transmit it to the cloud defect identification system for further analysis. Defect identification, defect report export, etc.

Autel drones EVO II RTK V3 for grid inspection

Features of the automated drone inspection program

Automated drone inspection means setting the route, camera settings, and remote fine-tuning of the drone in advance for high-frequency normal automatic inspection.

Autel enterprise drones can meet the mission requirements in different scenarios. This type of drone is equipped with high-definition image sensors, infrared thermal imaging technology, RTK centimeter-level precise positioning technology, and can deploy EVO NEST for collaborative operations, optimize the automatic take-off and landing of drones and battery replacement operations, and strengthen the cloud control system , to achieve real unattended, offline task planning.

Which Autel drones can be used for automatic grid inspection?

Autel drones used for grid inspection

Autel enterprise drone series include EVO II 640T series, EVO II RTK series, EVO II Enterprise series, EVO MAX series. The Autel corporate drone accessory Live Deck2 can cooperate with the EVO II V3 series for multi-port output, and the EVO NEST can provide the EVO MAX series with an automatic take-off and landing platform, charging and mission command issuance. Autel Skycommand Center is the strongest command center, which can take over the Autel drone to issue various orders.

The EVO II 640T series is equipped with a thermal imager. It is a dual-camera drone with a thermal imaging resolution of 640*512 and a refresh rate of 30hz. It can provide 10 types of thermal maps.

The EVO II RTK series has an RTK module, which can perform RTK, PPK, and network RTK, ensuring centimeter-level accuracy, and can be used without building a base station.

The EVO II Enterprise series comes with more accessories, including Loudspeaker, Spotlight, Strobe, and optional RTK modules to meet inspection requirements in more scenarios.

The EVO MAX series includes the EVO MAX 4T and EVO MAX 4N, both drones feature multiple high-performance sensors with a thermal camera and can work for up to 42 minutes. The EVO MAX 4T zoom camera can zoom up to 160x, and the EVO MAX 4N starlight camera illuminates everything in the dark.

autel skylink 3.0

The EVO MAX series also develops the A-Mesh networking system, which can realize the cooperation between multiple mission machines and one relay machine, and better serve the power grid inspection.

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