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Police Drones Catch Criminals for Miami Valley Police Department

Police Drones Catch Criminals for Miami Valley Police Department

Police drones help police departments fight crime and keep communities safe. Police in Miami Township, Montgomery County, said they have deployed drones 100 times so far.

Police drone use cases

A drone came in handy one night after a theft was reported at Walmart.

"Two subjects took off from a Walmart store, were intercepted, and fled on foot from a traffic stop into dense woods, at which time a drone operator responded to the scene, deployed the drone and was able to pick up the heat signature, hide, and huddle Together, in the woods," Miami Township police Sgt. James McCarty said.

police drones for miami valley police

The drone operator was able to provide real-time updates to police on the ground, and within minutes, four officers had the men cornered.

"You know, they were done. They were shocked, but they gave up calmly," McCarty said.

Miami Township police say they have had great success using drones to help fight crime.

Drones once helped find a suspect hiding in a manhole.

Speakers and spotlights can be added to the drone if the situation calls for it.

The Autel EVO II 640T V2 drone was used to capture criminals using drones, and the speakers and spotlights were adapted to the Autel EVO II Enterprise drone.

"This gives us an opportunity in a high-risk situation - where a suspect is trapped - to actually communicate directly with them, undisturbed, uninterrupted," McCarty said.

Police are preparing to launch drones to monitor crime scenes or search for important missing persons. Police can even fly drones inside homes, schools or any other building if there is open access.

The Town of Miami said the drones are not equipped with speed-measuring devices, so they will not be used to catch speeders.

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