Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
Autel EVO Lite Plus

Photography Drone For Sale: Autel EVO Lite + 20% Off

Enjoy high quality photography drones, where are the best photography drones for sale? Autel EVO Lite+ gives you the answer.

Photography drones are on sale for fall discounts, great deals for the second half of the year, and both Autel EVO Nano series and Autel EVO Lite series are holding 20% ​​fall discounts, attractive drone sales.

Autel Drone is as famous as DJI Drone in the U.S. drone market, and the photography drone EVO Lite+ is often compared with DJI Air2s, DJI Mavic2 Pro, and DJI Mavic3. The EVO Lite Plus is the superior 1-inch photography drone that offers comprehensive features to make aerial photography more fun and safe.

Overview of EVO Lite+


Autel Robotics EVO lITE Series

The Autel EVO Lite+ features a classic collapsible arm design, available in three colours, Classic Orange, Arctic White and Space Grey. Unlike the common gray-colored drones of DJI drones, the exterior design of the Autel Drone does make the drone more visible in the sky.

In order to ensure the lightness and stability of the flight, the EVO Lite+ adopts a foldable arm design. The drone weighs 835g and measures 8.3 inches x 4.5 inches x 3.5 inches when folded, which is more than half a pound heavier than DJI's Mavic Air2s. The weight comes from the high-capacity drone battery.

The gimbal and camera design of EVO Lite Plus are integrated. The three-axis gimbal controls the stability of the camera in three directions: x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis. Three-way obstacle avoidance sensors are used for front, rear, and down orientation sensing.

Remote Control

Autel Remote Control

Autel EVO Lite+ is a classic remote control drone, the included remote control does not have a display screen, the appearance is close to the game console remote control, comfortable hand feeling, there is a smartphone holder on the top edge, suitable for 99% of mobile phones Small size, use a cable to connect to your iPhone or Android device.

The joystick of the remote control is small and delicate, controlled with the thumb, the remote control is sensitive and precise in space, and the pilot can control the drone to produce subtle movement changes. In addition, on the top of the remote control are the wheel operation keys of the gimbal and one-key shooting.

Drone Application

autel evo lite+ MovieMaster

High-performance drones are inseparable from customized drone applications. Autel EVO Lite+ must be paired with the Autel Sky APP. The Autel Sky APP can be downloaded from the official website or major application stores.

As a video editing software, Autel Sky APP can provide people tracking mode, fast shooting mode, Fade Away, Flick, Orbit, Rocket and Hyperlapse, multi-image panorama photos, portrait mode with shallow depth of field, and with the blessing of moonlight algorithm, night becomes Clearer.

Video and Image Quality

Video and image of EVO Lite+

In terms of drone imaging capabilities, the Autel EVO Lite Plus offers a 20MP 1-inch sensor, along with a 29mm lens and an adjustable f/2.8–f/11 aperture.

You'll be able to capture 5.4K/30 fps, but everything will be recorded more clearly and smoothly at 4K/60fps. There is also an option to capture 1080p/120fps for slow-motion video from drone aerial shots. The EVO Lite+'s camera is currently limited to 8-bit color depth, but it works very well. Detailed color profiles are balanced, sharp and evenly saturated.

The imaging quality of the drone is very dependent on the camera lens, and the large 1-inch sensor is one of the important factors that makes the EVO Lite Plus superior to other photography drones. The adjustable aperture of the EVO Lite+ is good for taking depth-of-field photos, while drone users can use an ND filter to enhance the lens.

Autel EVO Lite+ supports custom color profiles and log color profiles, and in the RAW photo file format, photos can be edited in post without compromising the quality of the original. At the same time, due to the excellent aerial photography effect of EVO Lite+, when taking drone aerial photography, turn on the HDR option to get bright and colorful images and videos, and even share on social media without editing.

Battery Life

40 Mins of EVO Lite+

The EVO Lite+ features a 6,175mAh, 11.13v battery with a rated flight time of 40 minutes. Among the many photography drones, it is a rare long-lasting battery life. Buying the EVO Lite+ Standard Bundle gets you 1 battery, and buying the EVO Lite+ Premium Bundle gets you three batteries. Extra battery accessories help take the drone farther.

Autel EVO Lite+ has built-in advanced automatic return-to-home function. When the drone loses connection or the battery remains less than 25%, it will start the RTH function. A prompt will pop up on the Autel Sky APP, and you will master everything about the drone.

Final Thoughts

Autel drone is indeed one of the strong competitors of DJI drones, comfortable and simple appearance, sensitive and intelligent operation, long flight time and high-definition video and image quality, the best photography unmanned aerial photographer deserves to start one of the machines. Last but not least, photography drones for sale: Autel EVO Lite + 20% off.

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