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Autel Explorer V2 App

New Remote Control App Version Released: Explorer V2 App

Hi Autel EVO II V2 users,

We are pleased to announce a new Autel Explorer V2 app which includes the highly anticipated new Coordinated Turns feature as well as other bug fixes. This means that during all mission flights, the aircraft can make continuous turns without stopping.  

The new Autel Explorer V2 app is for EVO II V2 users only and you must install the new app to take advantage of the feature.  

This is an optional update. If you are happy with your current Autel Explorer app experience, you can maintain your existing Autel Explorer app. If you are an EVO II V1 user, you will not be able to use the new app.


● Saved missions from Autel Explorer app are NOT compatible with Autel Explorer V2 app. This means that old missions cannot be used from Autel Explorer App in Autel Explorer V2 App.

● Sync flight records to the cloud from Autel Explorer app if you wish to save them before installing Autel Explorer V2 app


Please follow the instructions below to update both the app and aircraft firmware:

1. Preparation:

a. Uninstall the current Autel Explorer App, either iOS or Android version

2. Download and Install the new Autel Explorer V2 app

a. Scan the QR code below to download it

b. For iOS users, you may also visit Apple Store to download it

c. For Android users, you may also visit Autel Robotics website to download it

Autel Explorer V2 App

3. EVO II V2 aircraft firmware update:

a. Once you update to the new Autel Explorer V2 app and connect to the internet, you will receive the OTA notification in the app. Update the firmware as you usual

Autel Explorer V2 App Updated

b. Or download the correspondent firmware through our website. Scan the QR codes below.

Autel Explorer V2 App Download



Please make sure that the aircraft firmware matches the app version:


  Applicable Model

Aircraft Firmware Version

iOS App Version

Android App Version

EVO II V1 Series

V2.7.45 or older

V1.16.1 or older

(Autel Explorer)

V1.2.10 or older

(Autel Explorer)

EVO II V2 Series

V2.3.23 or older

V1.16.1 or older

(Autel Explorer)

V1.2.10 or older

(Autel Explorer)

EVO II V2 Series Exclusive Edition



(Autel Explorer V2)


(Autel Explorer V2)