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Local Drone Enthusiast Gatherings and Community Sharing

Local Drone Enthusiast Gatherings and Community Sharing

After we start flying recreational drones for a while, we begin to discover some problems and skills that we want to share with like-minded people. Drone gatherings for drone enthusiasts are quite popular in the United States. Meetups and gatherings provide opportunities for like-minded people to get together, share experiences and celebrate the joy of drone flying together.

What are drone enthusiast gatherings?

Drone enthusiast gatherings and gatherings are generally spontaneous activities where drone enthusiasts connect with each other, share knowledge, exchange experiences and enjoy exciting flying experiences together.

Recreational drones can be driven at high speeds and capture wonderful drone images. This is attractive to many people, especially offline group activities. When drone enthusiasts get together, whether in local parks, designated flight areas or organized events, these gatherings not only provide opportunities for mutual learning, but also further cultivate friendships between recreational drone pilots.

drone enthusiast gatherings

Where to find drone gatherings?

Want to connect with more people in the drone world? There are also many online communities that can help you!

Platforms like Facebook, Meetup, and Telegram are great resources for finding active drone groups in your area.

When you buy a branded drone, these brands also set up drone forums for fans with dedicated staff, where you can ask questions, seek help, and meet like-minded people. Examples include the DJI forum, Autelpilots forum, skydiopilots forum, PhantomPilots forum, and many more.

Recommended online drone forums

UAV Coach Community forum: This forum is where general drone issues are actively discussed. Forums are categorized by industry, drone type, and more.

NODE – Drone Pilot Advocacy Organization: The Network of Drone Enthusiasts (NODE) ​​is a group created to bridge and coordinate local drone regulations with Faa regulations. The organization aims to give drone organizations a voice and work with local legislators to develop reasonable and effective drone regulations to encourage the use of drones while protecting public safety.

Amelia Droneharts: Amelia Droneharts is a great female community for drone pilots around the world. Female pilots can learn more useful knowledge on the community homepage and private Facebook group.

AirVuz: This site is a collection of aerial videos that drone videographers can share freely. The site also has donation and hiring buttons for videographers who are engaged in commercial drone flying. For those interested in racing or freestyle drones, the community also has a drone racing section.

SkyPixel: For photographers, SkyPixel is a community centered around aerial photography. Members can like each other's posts, and experts are ranked based on the number of votes. SkyPixel also holds an annual photography competition for its members, which is quite competitive. SkyPixel is run in partnership with DJI.

Meetup: Meetup is a website that organizes people from different cities based on different interests, and there are a lot of drone-related meetups. There are drone policy meetups, drone racing meetups, drone building meetups, and more!

Aviation clubs and associations: Some large drone club associations can give you more experience and skills sharing, and the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) focuses on model aviation and drone flying. CRPAA, the Certified Remote Pilots Association, provides you with more information about drone laws and regulations to make your remote drone flight better.

Other online forums such as DIYDrones and RC Groups are also very good forums for people to get important information.

Find offline drone enthusiast meetups

There are some small drone pilot groups in different cities that regularly organize meetups in parks and designated flying areas. To find other people who love drones like you and know where to meet up, find related organizations and communities with common interests on Meetup.

Learn from each other and contribute to each other at meetups and organized events in the drone community. Share flight tutorials, equipment reviews, and repair tips to help new members understand the basic knowledge and safety regulations of drone flying.

Comply with laws and regulations and community norms

Comply with FAA regulations: Make sure to comply with all FAA regulations and local regulations at meetups and flying activities.

Respect others: Respect the opinions and privacy of other members in the community and create a harmonious and friendly communication environment.

Continuous learning and improvement

If your interest in drone flying and drone photography is endless, keep an eye on the latest developments in drone technology and regulations and get the latest information through the community. Use community shared resources and activities to continuously practice and improve your drone flying and filming skills.


Participating in local drone enthusiasts’ gatherings and community sharing can not only improve your flying skills, but also make new friends and expand your social circle. By actively participating and contributing, you can not only benefit from it, but also contribute to the development and growth of the community.

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