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Illustration of a drone propeller wing

Illustration of a drone propeller wing

Autel EVO Nano propellers are designed only for the EVO Nano series of drones, these propellers offer a simple quick release design and secure locking feature. Additional EVO Nano propellers allow quick and safe replacement of damaged or missing propellers at any time.

Propellers Drone Nano

The Autel EVO Nano propeller is a spare or replacement prop for the Autel Robotics EVO Nano series of drones. EVO Nano propellers are made of shatter-resistant nylon and fiberglass, shaped for optimal aerodynamics and minimal noise. They are quick release and foldable for excellent portability and ease of use.

We drove the Autel EVO Nano using the Autel EVO Nano's propellers. We are trying to calculate the improvement of new props in a semi-scientific way. Now, join us as we talk propeller science and we'll have some Autel EVO Nano propeller info for you soon.

Drone Propellers with Autel Nano

Guys, this is a great idea. If you're wondering, I highly recommend having extra drone propellers on hand on the Autel EVO Nano. The propellers in the standard configuration are much better than the other low configuration ones on the market. When the drone is hovering, it reduces the motor speed by about 500. This reduces power considerably and reduces wear. They are also quieter, however, I had to use the recording tool and analyze the recording - let's just say they are quieter, but in normal flight you're less likely to hear the difference by ear. Still, we think it's totally worth it to have a good propeller prop to put on your original drone.

Lightweight drone propellers will make flying more reliable

Propellers Drone Nano Features

From the moment you receive your EVO Nano drone, the box alone will make you want to explore the joys of flying. Unlike most high-end quadcopters on the market today, the Nano series is very small. Fitting easily into larger purses, smaller pockets on backpacks, and even most water bottle holders, this foldable drone is one of the most portable flying devices we've seen.

The small size may raise expectations of low quality, and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised, this is a metal drone with an impressive fit and finish. It's also a well-thought-out design unit looking for quick-release propellers that don't require any tools, and a slender controller with more options than you might expect.

Although the propeller of the drone is currently only available in black, it performs well and matches the body color perfectly. You will love this look. The EVO Nano drone series is folded and ready for its first flight with just a few quick maneuvers. Fold the forearm from the side, then the rear arm from below. The landing gear is located at the bottom of the forearm and on the fuselage near the rear. There's very little clearance throughout, including the landing gear, and you'll want to find a flat, sturdy surface to take off and land on.