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Autel Dragonfish Drone for wildfire

How is the Autel Dragonfish Drone Responding To Wildfires?

Drone technology is changing the way fire services operate, with firefighters using them to gather intelligence and help contain fires, and search and rescue teams assisting fire rescue efforts to find the wounded or missing after disasters.

For fire and rescue departments, identifying the location of the fire source has always been a top priority. The important development of the technology of fire-fighting drones lies in high-definition cameras and thermal cameras.

The mobility of the fire-fighting drone can quickly reach the scene, find the location of the fire source before the firefighters, provide on-site data, and control the fire.

Autel drone thermal imaging drones include 640T series, Max series, Dragonfish with Autel DG-T3, Autel DG-T3H, Autel DG-L20T, Autel DG-L50T load camera.

Payloads Adaptability Z2 T3 T3H L20T L50T
Dragonfish Lite × ×
Dragonfish Standard ×
Dragonfish Pro

The role of Autel Dragonfish drones in wildfire relief

Fire monitoring: Dragonfish drone is equipped with high-definition camera and thermal infrared camera, which can fly to the fire scene for real-time monitoring and image capture. Thermal infrared cameras can help detect and locate hidden hot spots and fire sources, provide timely data feeds, and help fire rescuers understand the spread of fire.

Fire line survey: Dragonfish UAV drone can fly over the fire area to obtain detailed images and video data, helping the fire command to analyze the fire situation, resource allocation and rescue plan. It provides highly detailed images of fire and combustion in the surrounding environment.

Smoke Detection: Wildfires are often accompanied by large amounts of smoke, which can have a significant impact on visibility. Thermal imaging camera lenses can identify fires through smoke and improve visibility.

Fire fighting support: The Dragonfish UAV drone has a certain load capacity, and it can drop water tanks and other items on the fire scene in small quantities and multiple times to help control the fire.

It’s worth mentioning that there are some limitations and safety considerations for using drones when responding to wildfires. Always follow local laws and regulations, and work with a professional wildfire response agency to ensure the effective and safe use of your Autel Dragonfish drone.

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