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Drone Parachutes

Get To Know Drone Parachutes

A drone parachute is a key piece of equipment for the safe landing of a drone. This article will introduce the role of a drone parachute and answer the question of whether drone novices need a drone parachute.

Why do we need drone parachutes?

The main function of the drone parachute is to ensure that the drone can land safely, reduce potential harm to the surrounding environment and personnel, and protect the safety of the drone during flight.

Novice drone users are always worried about something unexpected happening when trying to fly a drone. Therefore, the emergence of drone parachutes can avoid crashes due to technical failures, battery exhaustion or other reasons.

Drone parachutes can provide landing protection for most sUAS and multi-rotor drones, reducing landing impact and preventing the drone from being damaged or broken during landing.

Do I need a drone parachute?

Drone parachutes help drones overcome some flight challenges and maximize drone recovery and drone rescue. But more importantly, the performance of the drone itself.

Autel drones have two series: consumer drones and enterprise drones. Autel drones have low-power automatic return, multi-band image transmission technology, and multi-directional obstacle avoidance technology.  They are simple and easy to operate, even without drone parachute, drone novices can also master Autel drone piloting very well.

Does Autel drone have a parachute?

There is no drone parachute in the Autel drone accessories. The drone takeoff and landing can be carried out on the drone landing pad to protect the safety of the drone.

Autel Landing Pad for Autel Robotics EVO & EVO II Drone Waterproof Landing Pad

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