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Autel EVO Nano+ Wind Resistance and Obstacle Avoidance Test

Autel EVO Nano+ Wind Resistance and Obstacle Avoidance Test

Autel EVO Nano+ is already famous in the drone world, this professional mini 4k camera drone is loved by drone beginners and professional photographers alike, the camera performance and flight performance of Autel EVO Nano+ are among the mini drones Top of the line and want to see the wind and obstacle avoidance tests of the Autel EVO Nano+? Read the following articles:

Autel EVO Nano+ is a new mini 4k camera drone released by Autel Robotics in 2022. It has a maximum wind resistance of level 5, provides three-way obstacle avoidance, has multiple shooting modes, and has a farthest image transmission distance of 10 kilometers.

Autel EVO Nano+ Specs

Carrying out drone testing is a risky job, and we can't predict how the drone will behave in extreme challenging environments? But we wanted to test the limits of the drone EVO Nano+ as much as possible.

Evo Nano+ Wind Resistance And Obstacle Avoidance Test Officially Started

As a professional drone pilot, within a week of getting my EVO Nano+, I'm proficient in flying this drone anywhere. Here we will conduct a drone test near the parking lot.

The drones takes off very quickly. Here we use the standard mode, and we raise the altitude a little bit. The EVO Nano+ performed a little wobbly. When the drone is about 3 meters away, we put our palm under the drone, the obstacle avoidance sensor at the bottom starts to work, and an alarm sounds, everything works fine.

Autel EVO Nano+ Obstacle Avoidance Test

The obstacle avoidance sensor of the drone EVO Nano+ is very sensitive. It will sound an alarm when it detects an obstacle in the front, rear and down directions, which is very important for the drone starter.

Note: the current outdoor wind was 15 wind with gusts at 24.

We tried to fly the EVO Nano+ farther, the EVO Nano+ can achieve up to 6.2 miles of transmission, but here we are just a simple test, no need to fly the EVO Nano+ beyond the limit. In standard mode, the EVO Nano+ can fly well at 10 meters per second.

The camera performance of the EVO Nano+ lives up to its name, we can see clear and smooth footage, trees, lawns and houses, everything comes to life.

Autel EVO Nano+ Wind Resistance Test

Switch the EVO Nano+ to sports mode, and the obstacle avoidance sensor will be turned off in sports mode. In sports mode, the EVO Nano+ can already reach a speed of 15m/s. Since we were in an open area with few obstacles, all was well.

We tried to bring the EVO Nano+ home. The drone is running out of battery. The RTH function of the EVO Nano+ works well and returns in the original direction.

Autel EVO Nano+ Landing Obstacle Avoidance Test

In strong winds, the EVO Nano+ detected an unsafe landing zone, but we had the option to confirm the landing. I reached out and caught it. The test ends here.

EVO Nano+ successfully passed the wind resistance and obstacle avoidance tests. We appreciate the excellent performance of this mini drone. Autel EVO Nano+ will be the first choice for drones under 250g.

Source: Autel EVO Nano+ Wind Resistance and Obstacle Avoidance Test

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