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Autel EVO Nano Drone Review: Camera Specs and Performance

Autel EVO Nano Drone Review: Camera Specs and Performance

Exciting new Autel EVO Nano drone, one of the best drones under 250 grams worth investing in, as a rising star can be found in numerous drone camera guides on the internet, high-end foldable Mini 4k camera drone--Autel EVO Nano drone.

Suitable for beginners or drone enthusiasts, this drone is almost the ultimate in limited space. While reducing the weight of the body, Autel has also managed to squeeze in three-way obstacle avoidance, a camera with a larger 1/2-inch sensor, reliable flight characteristics and automatic flight capabilities. There's even subject tracking, movie mode scene shooting, and more.

Autel Drone Nano EVO Series

Autel EVO Nano Review: Camera Drone Specs

The best flying drone in the world, besides the flight mode, the most important thing is the camera performance. Thankfully, the little EVO Nano excels in this department -- and for the most part. The camera is combined with a 3-axis gimbal for image stabilization, and features a very efficient 1/2-inch CMOS sensor capable of capturing 48-megapixel still images and video at a variety of high resolutions - every second 4K at 30fps, 2.7K up to 30fps and 1080p up to 60fps. It also has three HDR modes to further enhance the visuals, a portrait mode that blurs the background and 4x click-to-zoom for reconnaissance.

Right out of the box, the first time I tried flying an EVO Nano drone was a blast. I was blown away by the clarity, color depth, and rock-solid stability of the entire frame. The first flight was in cloudy weather, and the picture was dark. But when the sun reaches its peak through the clouds, 4K images catch on. For a drone of this size and weight, I'm very pleased with the results, expecting a larger sensor, a little better than what I've seen from the DJI Mini 2. It depends on the Nano's large sensor configuration.

Autel EVO Nano Review: Cine Lens Mode

Autel Drone Nano Cine Lens Mode

The Autel EVO Nano comes with a nice set of autonomous flight modes. Dynamic Track 2.1 automatically follows a moving object, Rocket fires a vertical "drone", Fade Away starts close to the object, then zooms into the distance, Orbit performs a perfect circle around the object, then flicks the track toward the static object, then flicks bounce in the opposite direction. They are all easy to activate, making very difficult cine shots very easy to execute.

Autel EVO Nano Review: Freewell all-day Filter Kit Accessory

One of the most important accessories you can buy for your Autel EVO Nano drone is a set of snap-on ND filters from Freewell. ND filters are like putting on a pair of sunglasses on your drone's camera, and it's certainly the best way to introduce natural motion blur into your footage.

When the drone is moving slowly in bright sunlight and its camera is tilted toward the ground, some weird things happen to the video taken from the drone. You'll see an annoying stuttering effect across the frame, which breaks track shots or lateral pans that would otherwise crack. The problem is that the shutter speed is too fast, an anomaly that affects every drone camera, especially when tracking or panning close to an object below.

If you want to get the most out of the EVO Nano's excellent camera, Freewell's all-day filter kit is well worth the investment. The All Day Kit includes six ND filters - ND 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 1,000 - so all you need to do is create natural motion blur shots in every light, from overcast to the brightest, sunniest day . The ND filter also protects the lens' front glass element from damage. Designed for aerial photography purposes, the Ultra Dark ND1,000 filter is a great filter to grab when photographing moving water with very slow shutter speeds.

Freewell also makes polarizing filters (£21) that give blue skies deep, rich tones that might otherwise appear pale and overexposed. This filter will also reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as snow and water.

The Autel EVO Nano drone is a miniature drone, but it performs well in camera performance. As a consumer drone that is the benchmark for the DJI Air2s, we are more inclined to choose this Autel EVO Nano drone. You can also see how it stacks up against DJI rivals in our showdown on Why is The Autel EVO Nano Series The Next Competitor to The DJ Air2.

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