Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022

Autel’s statement at CES, EVO II release schedule date at the end of January

Autel EVO 2 drone made its world debut at the 2020 USA CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and won Best of CES 2020. They have put together a very solid and well-built drone with specs that are out of this world and be claimed as "the most powerful and advanced foldable drone on the planet"

The specs of Autel's new drone are mind-boggling and they got many drone pilots very, very excited. More expecting is and at CES, Autel state their goal to get the initial units of EVO II (8k) into the hands of dealers by the end of January.

CES 2020 has closed but the production just getting started. We're excited to expect the future of foldable drones with the EVO 2 Series.

Take a look at the recap of Autel robotics at CES and expect the evo 2 coming!

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