Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
2022 Drone Review: EVO II Pro Named "Best Prosumer Drone of 2022"

2022 Drone Review: EVO II Pro Named "Best Prosumer Drone of 2022"

The great drone 2022 is over and we are ready for drone 2023. Looking back on the past year, who is the best prosumer drone for 2022? Did the Autel drone perform well?

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Autel Consumer Drones: EVO Nano+, EVO Lite+, EVO II Pro V3, EVO II Pro V3.

Autel Enterprise Drones: EVO II 640T V2, EVO II 640T RTK V2, EVO II 640T Enterprise V2, EVO II Pro RTK V2, EVO II Pro Enterprise V2, EVO II 640T V3, EVO II 640T RTK V3, EVO II 640T Enterprise V3, EVO II Pro RTK V3, EVO II Pro Enterprise V3.

EVO II Pro Named “Best Prosumer Drone of 2022” by The Droning Company

The advanced EVO II series drones are impressive. EVO II Pro has a 1-inch large sensor and adjustable aperture, a 40-minute flight time, a 9-kilometer image transmission distance, omni-directional obstacle avoidance, and mission planning.


EVO II 640T uses dual cameras (10 thermal color palettes, 640*512@30fps thermal image resolution thermal imager, 1/2 inch 48MP camera, visual camera combination for shooting 8k@25fps video), with built-in thermal Image analysis tools, 38-minute flight time, 9 km image transmission distance, omni-directional obstacle avoidance, and mission planning, become a leading member of professional drones.


Autel Robotics released EVO II Pro V3 in the second half of 2022, which is an upgraded version of EVO II Pro V2. EVO II Pro V3 has added Moonlight Algorithm 2.0, which makes the pictures at night softer and more delicate. At the same time, the log file format of the drone is changed from 10-bit to 12-bit, which gives more editing space in the later stage.


The image transmission system of Autel EVO II series has also been enhanced, from the original 9 kilometers to 15 kilometers, equipped with a larger remote control Autel Smart Remote Controller SE, from the original dual frequency (2.4Ghz/5.8Ghz) to three Frequency (900Mhz/2.4Ghz/5.8Ghz), the transmission is more stable, and the anti-interference performance is greatly enhanced.

The best consumer drones lean more towards the drone's aerial image quality, so the EVO II Pro V3 is honored to be named the best professional drone of 2022 by The Droning Company.

Autel continues to improve its understanding of the needs of drone users and the R&D and innovation capabilities of future drone technology. It has made significant improvements to Autel EVO II Pro, improving low-light performance and the ability to capture 12-bit A-Log DNG photos, the latter Provides great flexibility when editing still images and producing a wider range of images Vibrant and rich colors.

Autel Robotics Drone Achievements in 2022

Red dot award

Both the Nano and Lite series have won the "Best of the Best" award in 2022.

Founded by the German Design Association in 1955, the Red Dot Award is one of the largest, most authoritative and influential design competitions in the world.

Nano & Lite Series Win the Red dot award

Good Design Award

"G Mark" is one of the most prestigious design awards in Asia, founded in 1957. This year, EVO Nano and Lite won the award together again.

Nano & Lite Series Win the G Mark

IF Award

Both the EVO Nano and Lite series were recognized for their design at Radio Show Berlin 2022, Europe's largest electronics conference.

Nano & Lite Series Win the IF award
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