Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
Autel EVO Drones

EVO | Autel Drone Best Quadcopter Drone Collection

Autel drones are one of the hottest players in the consumer drone market, with multiple configurations of drone types catering to different drone needs, EVO drones are the best among Autel quadcopters representative work.

The History Of Autel Drones

Autel Robotics is the preeminent drone company where drone hobbyists and professionals alike can find the right drone for them. The EVO II Dual 640t series of commercial professional drones is the most popular US camera drone, this quadcopter drone has been featured in most commercial sectors as a thermal imaging industrial drone.

Autel EVO drone series currently on sale include EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series, EVO II series.

Autel Robotics' first drone is called the X-Star, a non-foldable high-performance drone that is shaped like a DJI Phantom 4.

Autel Robotics' second-generation drone called the X-Star Premium is an upgraded version of the X-Star with increased flight time and enhanced flight performance.

Autel X-Star Premium

Autel Commercial drone is committed to the vertical take-off and landing capability of drones, and developed a prototype of the fixed-wing aircraft KESTREL in 2017.

In 2020, Autel's first-generation drone EVO was born. EVO is characterized by foldability and portability, bringing a new experience to drone users.

In 2021, the EVO II series enhances the powerful air combat capabilities of the EVO series. The drone is not only portable and easy to use, but also supports interchangeable payloads, EVO II Dual camera, EVO II Pro 6k camera, EVO II 8K The camera platform can be used in different scenarios.

Autel EVO II series

The EVO II series of commercial drones can also interchange the payloads that can be carried by drones, including Loudspeaker, Spotlight, storbe, and RTK modules. These payloads are a huge impact on the commercial drone market.

In 2022, the EVO Nano series and EVO Lite series will be unveiled one after another, making it the largest consumer camera drone competitor in the USA U.S. drone market, and one of the strongest competitors of DJI drones.

EVO Nano series weighs less than 250g, no registration required, 4k camera drone, portable and foldable, supports 28 minutes flight time and 10 kilometers long-distance transmission.

Autel Robotics EVO Nano+ Drones

The EVO Lite series is the leader among aerial camera drones. The EVO Lite+ uses a 6k camera and supports 40-minute flight time and 12-kilometer long-distance transmission.

Autel EVO Lite+ drones

2022 series of commercial drones, Dragonfish Lite, Dragonfish Pro are one of the most powerful commercial drones, Autel Dragonfish is the most powerful aerial work platform for Autel drones, performing a variety of tasks, intelligent cruise, efficient application.

Autel Dragonfish

Autel Robotics has brought the Dragonfish series to several drone exhibitions successively. The Dragonfish series has a unique tilt-rotor design and has become one of the most powerful representatives of Autel Robotics' commercial drone series.

Thoughts On The EVO Drone

The Autel EVO drone range is one of the best representatives of Autel Robotics' consumer drone range and enterprise drone range. For drone beginners, choose the EVO Nano series of drones. For professional drone photographers, you can choose the EVO Lite series of drones, and for those who need commercial drones, you can choose the EVO II series of enterprise drones.

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