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Drones Keep Pigeons Off Rooftops

Drones Keep Pigeons Off Rooftops

Feral pigeons cause more than a billion dollars in economic damage to the United States each year. Drones have been proven to be useful for bird control. The role of drones as urban scarecrows can fully keep birds away from my roof and reduce roof damage!

Feral pigeons and other birds have gradually moved to urban life due to the loss of habitat. They turn to the eaves and under gutters to build nests and excrete their feces in places that are particularly difficult to clean. So how to keep pigeons off my roof is a big problem.

Why are there so many birds on my roof?

There are many behavioral reasons why pesky birds might be "hanging out" on your roof rather than other buildings. One reason is that your roof provides a perfect viewing point for birds to search for food while being wary of predators. On the other hand, areas such as roof overhangs and window sills provide comfortable shelter and protection from the elements as well as potential predators. Your roof may be the tallest or warmest structure around, making it perfect for hanging out.

How to prevent birds from entering vents and gutters?

Bird nesting and acid discrimination by birds are important contributors to the value of built assets. Bird droppings, in particular, not only bring a disgusting odor, but also carry various microorganisms. To make matters worse, bird droppings are acidic and can corrode almost all building materials, including stone and metal.

Common solutions for dealing with birds are as follows:

Special netting can be installed on the balcony to prevent birds from entering.

Spikes, wire, shock strips or coils can be installed on the ridge to occupy a landing area for birds.

Smooth bird slides can be added to ledges to create a smooth sloped surface where birds cannot land.

Bird repellent gel can be used on any surface to protect against winged threats.

The emergence of drones seems to be better able to combat birds on rooftops. Human pilots can use drones to scare birds at specific locations and times. Patrol drones use cameras to detect wayward birds and then chase them away. The buzzing sound of the drone will scare the birds and cause them to stay away from the area.

While the drone is airborne, the bird's maximum wandering time is reduced to just a few minutes, including the minutes needed to conduct detection and actually launch the drone. At the same time, when the birds want to return again, the drone will be dispatched in time to stop them.

Drones can kill birds, and drones can disturb nests: When drones fly too close to or near a bird's nest, the drone's noise and unfamiliar presence can drive away adult birds. This can lead to neglect or abandonment of vulnerable eggs and chicks, reducing the reproductive success of sensitive bird populations.

How do I choose a bird drone?

Most birds are social animals, and the distance at which pigeons will perceive a drone as a threat varies greatly, with larger flocks often being frightened by taking off (at a distance of 40-60 m from pigeons), while smaller flocks Flocks of birds often bring drones within a few meters of each other.

Drones that drive away birds need to consider flight duration, good maneuverability, obstacle avoidance capabilities, and the ability to hover in the air.

Humming noise occurs with any drone and is caused by changes in air flow caused by the rotation of the drone's blades. You can buy a mini drone to scare away birds. At the same time, in order to avoid getting too close to birds, you need to install a drone blade protective cover for the drone to protect the safety of the drone.

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