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Drones Changing Live TV Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports have a new interpretation from the perspective of drone aerial photography. Drones bring a new perspective and experience to live TV, which greatly enhances the audience's visual enjoyment and sense of participation. Here, we explore how drones are changing live outdoor sports on TV!

Why do outdoor sports need aerial drone photography?

Provide a broader perspective

Traditional live TV broadcasts are often limited by the angle and position of the camera, making it difficult to capture the panorama and details of outdoor sports.

Drones can fly freely in the air, capturing athletes' movements and panoramic views of the field from multiple angles and heights, providing viewers with a broader and richer view.


Real-time tracking and tracing

The drone is equipped with advanced tracking and autonomous driving technology, which can track the movement of athletes in real time and automatically adjust the shooting angle and focus.

This not only improves the fluency and consistency of the live broadcast, but also allows viewers to see the athletes' skills and performance more clearly.

Innovative shooting angles and dynamic effects

rock climbing

Drones can easily achieve a variety of innovative shooting angles such as looking down, squinting, and surrounding from the air, presenting new visual effects to the audience.

At the same time, the high-speed flight and flexible maneuverability of the drone can also capture dynamic effects such as athletes' high-speed sprints and sharp turns, adding more drama and tension to the live broadcast.

Reduce shooting costs and risks

Autel drone dynamic tracking

Traditional live TV broadcasts require large camera equipment and complex shooting arrangements, while drones can shoot lightly and quickly, greatly reducing shooting costs and risks.

Drones can fly freely in complex and rugged terrains and environments, bringing viewers a more realistic and shocking live broadcast experience.

Real time transmission

Drones can usually be combined with streaming media output devices to transmit images to third-party interfaces in real time. Autel EVO II V3 series drones can be equipped with Live Deck2 to broadcast 1080p@60fps high-definition video to multiple terminal devices in real time.

Autel Live Deck 2 for EVO II V3
Autel EVO II Pro V3

Autel EVO II Pro V3

$2099.00 USD

1" Sensor CMOS | 20MP 6K Camera | 40 Mins flight time Buy Now
Autel Live Deck 2

Autel Live Deck 2

$699.00 USD

1080p/60fps | 15km Video Transmission distance Buy Now


Overall, drone technology has brought revolutionary changes to live TV outdoor sports, providing a wider field of view, more efficient tracking and tracking, richer shooting angles and dynamic effects, while also reducing shooting costs and risks.

With the further development and application of drone technology, I believe it will play an increasingly important role in the field of live TV broadcasts in the future, bringing richer and more diverse visual enjoyment to viewers.

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