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Drone Water Sampling and Detection Solution

Drone Water Sampling and Detection Solution

Drone solutions are gradually used in more industries and environments. Drone water sampling solutions improve the safety and efficiency of water quality sampling and provide better accuracy for understanding environmental information.

How do drones collect water samples?

Usually, a sampling bottle or bucket is hung under the drone. The drone flies to the target area to take samples. After loading a certain amount of samples, the drone flies back.

Usually, the load capacity of a drone is affected by the weight of the drone itself. If you want to use a drone to sample 500cc water, please make sure the drone weighs more than 1KG.

Choose Autel payload drones: EVO II series, EVO MAX series drones.

Autel payload drones evo max series

More advanced waterproof drones can directly contact the water surface, and hang PH sensors, turbidity sensors, ammonia nitrogen sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors, conductivity sensors, etc. under the drone fuselage to provide real-time information on the physical and chemical properties of water. data.

Why use drones for water sampling?

Strong operability

Drone water sampling has extremely high operational maneuverability. Within 1 minute, the drone can cover any location within 1km of the surrounding area and sample water samples and return multiple times, reducing the time required for the total operation.

Dramatically reduce costs

Drones can enter some dangerous and hard-to-reach areas, and when using drones to collect water, it can eliminate or reduce the need for ships as well as maintenance and specialized training of personnel.

Precise positioning

The drone can be precisely positioned, and with its built-in precise GPS, the current drone's water sampling coordinates can be accurately read on the drone app. For high-performance drones, drones with rangefinders will further provide accurate target point information.

Repeatable data collection

With the drone’s route saving feature, operators can save sampling locations and quickly revisit the exact location for the next operation, resulting in repeatable, consistent water sampling data collection.

Risk-free drone operation

Waterproof drones are more suitable for drone water collection for water quality testing. At the same time, remote drone water collection will not bring possible potential dangers to operators during water operations.


Drone water sampling and testing solutions provide a versatile and efficient way to collect water quality data from remote or hard-to-reach locations, providing valuable information for environmental assessment and decision-making.

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